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    Inside Sales/Project Manager for Sign & Graphics Company - Metro Detroit

    Long-established graphics and sign production studio in Northville, Michigan, seeks creative sales professional with sign industry experience. The person in this position will serve as a liaison between our clients and our design team to provide creative signage and branding solutions for our...
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    Flexi Cloud Updated this morning...

    Where do I find what the update was for?
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    Name plates for cubicle walls...

    We get those pins from Johnson Plastics (part# SP11A), maybe 65 cents a piece. There's also a quantity disc.
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    SAi Flexi Cloud Service Pack Update

    SO Diffusion now prints what looks like 200% ink after the update. Not 2 ink passes, just 1 really heavy pass.
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    Help with Flexi Importing files

    I'm not sure what PC Speed Maximizer is, but let's assume it's a legitimate product and not some trojan. It probably did some tweaks to Windows, sacrificing conveniences for speed. Having all those file names at the ready uses a certain amount of resources, so it probably got rid that feature.
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    ICC Profile Newbie Basics

    We've always had trouble with black-to-white gradients looking either purple or green (I use canned profiles for a JV3 in Flexi). I can turn off color correction and get a perfect transition, but of course any other color in the print is unusable. Can I assume a custom profile would fix this, as...
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    Which Oracal vinal is equivalent to 3M IJ40C

    Definitely 3551RA -- high performance calendered vinyl.
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    Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    Okay, I'll give it a spin.
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    Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    So, no reason not to? Other than info which may or may not be logged somewhere when printing?
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    Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

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    Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    Is there a real reason not to upgrade to Flexi Cloud? Anybody happy with it and think it's worth it? ("It" being the hassle of upgrading, not the price of zero dollars)
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    Painted Cedar Posts Alternatives? These guys have wholesale pricing for vinyl and aluminum, though we haven't yet had a need to use them.
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    Screw you 3M.

    Josh -- What's the big difference between 3951RA & 3751RA? We used to use 3751 for cab doors, etc. when we first got our printer, then used 3951RA for doing wraps and 3551RA for cabs, then switched to 3M IJ180Cv3/IJ40C-10. How does it handle the indents on vans around the wheel wells and...
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    Identify the bracket?

    After all the searches, the client had a couple in the back room that didn't get installed. And boy, are these some hand-made gems. No wonder I couldn't find them anywhere. Check out those angles!
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    Identify the bracket?

    I agree. It looks like it needs a second bracket, but I can't seem to find any that look like it. The boss said to match it, but we'll have to go another route.
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    Identify the bracket?

    Does anyone recognize this bracket/sign? It looks kind of odd, like it needs another bracket below it. I need to match it or get very close.
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    different issues continually really wearing on me

    I do this too. Easier than remembering the spacing/panel size I used in order to recreate the "Cut only" file when Flexi screws me again.
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    Material for Wall Graphics

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    Flexi 10.5 printing wireframe as thick line

    FlexiSIGN-PRO 10.5.1, Build 1806 I have also noticed recently (since upgrading from Pentium D, WinXP to a new i7 computer and Win 7 64bit) that my wireframes were about 1/16" instead of hairline. I just chalked it up to the new setup. This giant line was just today though.