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    Price check... real estate sign

    Most metro areas have a few companies that run around placing listing post signs... For example: in Houston in Dallas Make sense now?
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    Stumped please

    Any ideas on this one, none of my software even gets close...many thanks! Font by Evan Gillette posted Apr 26, 2021 at 9:36 AM
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    Are you talking about for letterforms? If so I would suggest researching and finding some "alphabets" used by sign painters. Learning a few basic styles and committing them their shapes and attributes to memory will serve you much better in the long run and help with learning design principles...
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    Question Anyone using Flexi on an S40600/80600?

    We never even installed onyx so I don't have a good comparison. It doesn't seam to be fast, but it isn't unbearable either (for most files). When we had a Mutoh and the Epson both set up they would rip at the same speed over ethernet and it seemed a bit slower than over USB to the old mutoh 1324.
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    Question Anyone using Flexi on an S40600/80600?

    We have been using flexi with our S40600 for a couple years with no issues.
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    Adding "stucco" to ACM?

    Another option might be coastal tfs-45, its designed to go straight onto hdu so I don't know if it would grab acp or aluminum without a good bonding primer applied. From the video it looks like you could get whatever finish you want from it. Actually, adding a 1/2" panel of hdu attached to the...
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    Font Help Please, very close to LHF Convecta, has me stumped

    IMG_1448 - Copy by Evan Gillette posted Mar 30, 2021 at 11:28 AM Thanks for any help!
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    IMG_1448 - Copy

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    Need Help Cutting .080 Aluminum - How?

    Couple more links for reference: Feed/Speed chart
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    Need Help Cutting .080 Aluminum - How?

    Aluminum sheet can be a few different alloys (often referred to as "series" ie: "3000 series") for example Grimco's painted .080 sheets are 3003-h14 alloy (3003 alloy and "h14" designates the temper of the material) 3000 and 5000 series are...
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    work table recommendation

    Another useful tip: if you have or can find an old printer getting scrapped out (ask your equipment dealers) take media holder off and mount it to a side or end of your table. We have a holder off an old mutoh 64" mounted to one end of our 5x10 table and its sooo nice for processing/finishing...
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    how to deal with silicone on trailer

    I agree it doesn't seem like a smart option as it would require additional cleaning just passing along what I have heard, do you have any name brands or sources for the silicone remover you mention?
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    how to deal with silicone on trailer

    I have heard that WD-40 is good at removing silicone, after watching the clip from Stacey I would not be surprised if they are using that or a similar lubricant. A quick google search says it will also remove tar easily. Again this IS NOT from personal experience, just hearsay.
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    Price check... real estate sign

    Look into your local real estate sign installer, they usually warehouse the signs for the agents that use them and will install a post for a set fee in a specific range. Making a good relationship with these outfits could lead to additional sales and a cheaper source for posts (they buy them in...
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    work table recommendation

    We use a setup similar to yours (5x10) but rarely cut on that matt, if we are planning to make cuts we slide an old matt under the area we are cutting. Occasionally its not worth the hastle and we just cut on the main matt. Doing this will at least double the life of the matt, ours current one...
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    Gemini is starting to **** me off

    As others have mentioned I think they are changing/developing their business and models to "reinvent" themselves. The quoting has definitely gotten less consistent in the last few years, I usually quote online and then send for a final quote before ordering. Usually the quote prepared by them is...
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    3D Design

    Welcome to the forum. I have a similar background (mechanical engineering with a wide variety of manufacturing experience) and might be able/willing to help you out. I have experience with most of the cad packages (solidworks, autocad, ProE, Fusion360, onshape, and even some catia back in the...
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    Flexi19 is there a quick search option to find a specific color in a table?

    I agree with fuzzycam, and I ran into your exact same issue last week trying to find a newly added color. I was trying to figure out a source that lists what colors were added to what revision but was unsuccessful. The closest I came was finding that solid coated v4 cameout in Sep. 2019 (see...
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    Suggestions Sign Boxes / Cabinets

    Could rig up something with these or come up with a similar slotted wedge type fastening system (think pallet racking beams). Unless you know exactly how its made you will likely be the only one able to service it without destroying it ha ha.!
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    increase in aluminum?

    I would suspect that some of the aluminum price jumps are to help cover the big jump steel price