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  1. Big Rice Field

    How to make larger signs?

    I agree. Corel Corp is much friendlier to sign designers than Adobe is.
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    An easy fix would be to print the damn AI file on paper, scan it in and retrace it all. Or do a screen capture and do the same thing. Illy is great for the print industry but sorely lacking for the sign industry.
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    Need Help stupid newbie question

    Mr Burton how about sharing that math formula with us. I already contributed this one.
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    Need Help stupid newbie question

    Corel Draw Corp. responeed to sign designers requests by making scalable corner radiuses. In addition, if you make a rectangle with corner radiuses and change the aspect ratio, the corner radiuses stay the same. Corel Draw has many features that are of use to sign designers that Illustrator...
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    Opinion Corel Draw 2021

    I am always forced to upgrade if only for the import/export filters that are updated.
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    HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

    I recently purchased an HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 for printing my tabloid size drawings. It was a great deal for only $250 via Amazon and it does everything I expected of it and more...
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    Unlimited zoom out in Corel 2020?

    CASMate was a good product. It worked well with Corel Draw.
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    Adobe Co-Founder Dr. Charles Geschke Passes at 81

    I remember using PhotoShop 1 when it was bundled with a rudimentary sheet feed scanner. His work laid the foundation for the mega corporation that we know today. So now we pay uber subscription prices to pay the salaries of the thousands of workers that are now at Adobe.
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    Unlimited zoom out in Corel 2020?

    I draw to architectural or engineering scale and simply scale the sign up for full pattern files.
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    help with perspective layout

    The blade signs can be narrow, as said. To prevent damage they can be mounted with spring loaded hinges so if the forklift driver hits them they will swing out of the way.
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    Opinion Corel Draw 2021

    I am running Corel Draw version 2021 (Version 23) and after three weeks of working almost every day, it has only crashed twice. It seems to be a more stable version than earlier ones.
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    Question Raceways for channel letters

    Back in the "old days" of neon illuminated channel letters , when a raceway was needed, an 8"x8" raceway was the defacto standard. Now that we use LEDs, the power supplies are getting to be amazingly small in size, so a big 8x8 raceway is not needed anymore. So how small can we go? It is...
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    This photo app is bananas!

    It is spooky indeed.
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    3D Design

    I am a freelance designer with a drafting background. Ii can render isometric drawings using Corel Draw.
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    This is a first....

    Most customers need to be educated about the differences between raster bitmaps and vector art.
  16. Big Rice Field

    Stop signs with louvers

    If you need an engineering drwaing whith overhead views showing viewing angles let me know. All I need is a site plan to work off of.
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    How do you hire?

    Unfortunately, our society has gone downhill since the breakup of marriages, the permissive society and the lack of a work ethic in the " me" generation. Today's workforce is subpar with the drug abuse and lack of morals. The legalization of recreational drugs will only make it worse.
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    CorelDraw - layers / pages - easiest way to deal with them

    After I make a dimension I immediately break it apart (Ctrl-K) and ungroup it (Ctrl U). this negates dynamic dimensioning. The reason I do this is that different drawing objects are at different scales throughout the drawing. For example, a building elevation may be at 1/16"=1' scale, while the...