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    Graphtec CE3000 PDF Manual

    would anyone have the PDF manual to this machine.... I just bought a used machine and there's no manual. Would like to get familiar with it's setting. Thanks guys Robert Afterhour Signs
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    Project Managing Software?

    Well I would be interested in giving my input on this. Would definitly like to try.
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    Project Managing Software?

    What we use currently is excell... and it's too long. Access would be great, input all info on one sheet. Customer Info/ Project Name & W.O. info/ Tenative schedule date or install date, Maybe a schedule date for manufacturing then tenative date for install. Notes for project manager, Permit...
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    Project Managing Software?

    Yes, I do have access
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    Project Managing Software?

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    Project Managing Software?

    What the rest of you guys use, we have anywhere from 10 to 50 new jobs a month and we normally use Excel but I've seen software packages like: sign-tracker and wondered what everyone else used? In the days I had a guy that did wonders with Fox-pro and he could create anything and he was...
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    Decal Help Needed

    Have you tried going to local Bike Shop to match it?
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    Zip files

    7-zip it's simple and the best without any upgrades or wanting to sell anything.
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    Panel Saws

    We have three speedcut panel saws.... Ebay for about 1000.00 for the sign industry this handles it all. I bought my first two machines used for about $500.00 and under used... Suggestions, shop around. Robert
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    Old Gerber Edge - Power supply problem?

    Talk to Jim in lakewood Calif. only person i know that has actually disected an entire Gerber Edge to learn how to repair it. He's good too He's an engineer with lots of experience on sign equip etc.
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    Any Users of corel 13 (x3) yet

    WOW, the auto trace..... The best I've seen
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    edge foils

    Try buying these foils, the best i've ever seen... using original cartridges. I would match these right next to Gerber foils. ReKnown foils You can buy from: They have their own version of protection guard that's better I think... even one with a shine...
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    Ad / Spyware utilities ?

    Use microsoft's beta spyware cleaner it's the best. then go to window washer and download their 30day trial version of their cleaner work really really good. your done...
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    Graphtec CE2000 60 & software

    I have this plotter, we've made tons of money on this unit....far superior than the Roland. It's a work horse. We downloaded the drivers from Graphtec and we learned to use CyberCut, which we thought was cheese at first...But once you learn it.... It's great. But you can use Flexi or...
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    Need Cutter Recommendations!!

    graphtec 2100-60 But the newer one is fater they say.... as much as we cut.... 24" is fine. Great machine.
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    Hello to all the cheap people and not-so cheap too!

    My mags go for $69.00 for 12 x 18 one color/ adding $10.00 for second color. 12x24 sells for $79.00 and adding $10.00 for second color as well. And this is with customer giving me a basic layout their on logo on disk. Anything that needs Edge printing goes for $150.00 to start...and up...
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    Need more fonts free fonts if you down individually or $6.95 if you download all at one time. I don't get anything from this site, i just found it and it's cool
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    How to get 3000+ font size

    FONTFREAK.COM Is a website you can pay 6.00 or so for a load of fonts...... i know this isn't what he wants but it's tip...
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    Computer Maintenance

    We backup on to dvd's...much easier this way... But I also have a backup on an external harddrive. When computer goes out all I have to do is switch to my second machine that's already online (networked together)with a switch that controls two machines using only one key board and one...
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    Upgrade from Corel Draw 8?

    I have 8, 9 & 12... I like 12 the most now... even though some stuff is easier to design in 9. 12 just looks cool, takes time to learn some of the short cuts...