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    Stumped Find My Font

    Does anyone know the font used in the new Coldwell Banker logo? It looks very common, but surprisingly, Find My Font didn't even come close.
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    Hee Haw

    that's what I would've named it. Anyone know this one?
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    Anyone know the source?

    obviously it, thank you!
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    Anyone know the source?

    A customer asked for signs using the system shown in the attached photo. Does anyone know who the supplier is for this hardware? thx
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    Can anyone open a DWG file for me and convert it to a vector drawing?

    DWG is a vector format, and Illustrator can open DWG files without conversion. You can use it for a template, but be advised that it doesn't support curves. Curves show up as a series of short lines.
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    Sign post (bollard)

    Thanks for your help. We're going to use a bollard as shown in the file attached, filled with cement with the sign post in it.
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    Sign post (bollard)

    Does anyone know a source for a sign post as shown in the attached photo? It's a steel post, filled with concrete with a traffic sign post set in the concrete. I know where to get the parts but was looking for a ready to install solution.
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    Directory parts suppliers

    I have a client looking for a directory for a medical center and likes one they saw online. (Sound familiar?) Does anyone know where to buy the hardware required to make a directory like the one in the attached photo?
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    Alternative To Gemini?

    I still use Gemini after 25 years, but the majority of my orders now go to Steel Art. Steel Art quotes dome in much faster than Gemini. Steel Arts patterns are accurate, Gemini's simply are not. It takes half the time to install Steel Art letters because of the correct patterns. And Gemini's...
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    3M 680 compared to 3M 680 CR compared to Oracal 5600

    Does removable vinyl adhere as well as permanent vinyl? Is 3M 680 a better choice the Oracal 5600? We've been using Oracal 5600 reflective vinyl for lettering street signs in a large development for about four years. Lately we've had to replace ten panels because the vinyl was failing. It was...
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    Vinyl on a boat with AwlCare on it?

    Will vinyl adhere properly to AwlCare by AwlGrip? It's a polymer that sounds like a wax for AwlGrip. I have to travel to install vinyl lettering on a boat with this applied on Wednesday morning and have to ask it to be removed tomorrow if it's a problem. I did a boat last week where the vinyl...
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    more font help

    Thanks! This place is better than a computer!
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    more font help

    These are the only photos I have and they're pretty tough to run through software. The break in the R is pretty distinctive (and rare). I can't tell if it was an inline from the outer shape or a font that has an open R Anyone recognize this font?
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    Setting up quickbooks... questions

    There is a big difference between Inventory Part and Non-Inventory Part. Assuming you don't build items to place in inventory and sell later, you want to use Non-Inventory Part for the items you mention. For common items you sell often, you add the Item and incorporate as much detail as you...
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    Gerber Edge printing issue

    In the middle of a print, our Gerber Edge II started misprinting, leaving streaks all up and down the print area. (see photo attached.) It was printing 100% then in at a certain point it misprinted about 50%. It fails with all foils and all vinyls. I checked all the physical wiring...
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    Mathews Paint

    and we use Matthews Aluminum Etching Primer. It works great, just like regular Matthews paint on other substrates. Ask your distributor for the part number.
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    Anyone Using Qbo

    I'm quite curious how you graph320 removed the price. Not that I want to, but there are other things I'd like to change on a template and can't, so I'm looking for this "Additional Customization" menu choice. When I go to the List menu and choose templates (called "Custom Form Styles" as close...
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    Anyone Using Qbo

    We switched from the Mac desktop version of QB to QBO at the first of this year. The Mac desktop never had work orders either, so we've had a workaround in place for years (decades actually). We use Estimates where we used to use "Pending Invoices". We start every project with an Estimate...
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    Lease / Financing For Vehicle Wraps

    We use a leasing company that will lease signs on any amount over $1500. They are very easy to work with and will lease to new companies, which is great in our business. I doubt they will lease wraps. They are North Star Leasing.
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    ISO - Super High Res Images

    print hog describes the process very well and I would do something very similar EXCEPT: I don't have or ever intend to buy the equipment he describes. I also wouldn't know how to use it well enough to rent the equipment. What I do know is a couple of good repro shops or photo studios that...