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  1. Neil

    versacamm vs540 missing magenta and issue with light choke clean

    Sounds like it's not able to do a proper clean. Check that the bottom of head and top of cap are clean and making a good seal. Check the pump tubes are not blocked. Make sure the dampers are full.
  2. Neil

    Suggestions Signlab page size

    What are you trying to say there? What actually happens?
  3. Neil

    Mimaki cjv30 ink isn't flowing

    Are the inks really getting drawn through the head? As in, you can see pooled ink in the cap top and on your wiper when you do a clean? Are your dampers half full or nearly empty?
  4. Neil

    What do you use to create ICC color profiles?

    I use an I1 with Eye -One Match software for building profiles to use in Signlab 8. Signlab included an Advanced Calibration Wizard in SL8, but I think they pulled it out of subsequent versions? It allows you to start with an existing profile that you like, re-set the parameters (passes, speed...
  5. Neil

    Signlab problem

    I see this discio error when I open a really old file, then try to save it again. It opens the Save as dialog with the file name hilighted. I just delete the file from the list, then press save and it saves it again as the right name.
  6. Neil

    Can Mimakis accurately set the origin/base point?

    On my CJV30, the laser pointer is only used to read the reg marks for a print/cut job. All it does is indicate how far away the reg mark is from the origin point. So, you first set your origin on the machine, then you use the laser to set the amount of offset.
  7. Neil

    SL8, Win 7 - where to now?

    Yes I also use CCleaner (the free version). Do you use the upgraded version? I'll look into Avira. And yeah, I'm sure you're right about Win 7 still being safe for years. As I said mine hasn't updated for the last 2 years or more anyhow. I bet I can wring a few more years out of this rig yet.
  8. Neil

    SL8, Win 7 - where to now?

    Nah, then I'd have the Y2k bug to worry about all over again!
  9. Neil

    SL8, Win 7 - where to now?

    Yes, I do have the original install disk for Win 7. I'll have to go and read up on how to "VM Win 7" etc... Co-incidentally, I am free trialing AVG Tune up and it recently alerted me to the fact that my Windows update has been turned off for 780 days! So, now I've updated it, hence the warning...
  10. Neil

    SL8, Win 7 - where to now?

    I also use this computer for web browsing, downloading, emails, everything. I'm thinking if I ramp up my internet security, I can keep using it as is. I'm not dead against upgrading Signlab. I'm all for supporting them, it's great software and a big part of my every day use. But I have all my...
  11. Neil

    SL8, Win 7 - where to now?

    Been using Signlab 8 Print & Cut on my Windows 7 OS daily for years. I like Version 8 - I'm comfortable with the UI and the workspace I created - but mostly because I make my own profiles for printing through VPM. Now my Win 7 computer is telling me it won't be updated anymore, so look like an...
  12. Neil

    Nozzles are clogging but tech said there's no need to replace cap top

    It'll be fine, don't worry about it. Once you get a good seal it will come good. You really need to learn be able to change dampers, cap tops, capping stations and wipers by yourself. Then have spares on hand for when these situations arise. You can leave the head soak for a couple of days or...
  13. Neil

    Question Using SignLab 9 with VersaWorks 6 Challenges

    I wonder why? That's interesting. I use Signlab 8 and am perfectly happy with it. I've been using it every day for years. Almost exclusively. Including making my own profiles with and for it. So I don't even have to use Rasterlink (or VW) for the Rip. So sorry, can't answer your question...
  14. Neil

    Nozzles are clogging but tech said there's no need to replace cap top

    Things you can check yourself - when the machine does a clean, do you get much ink on the wiper? Is the ink in the middle of the blade? If you don't get much ink, it is probably the cap top that needs cleaning or replacing. Also clean under the head so it makes a good seal. I use a small brush...
  15. Neil

    Just In Hello from Adelaide Australia

    G'day Stevo and Shazza, from me also here in Adelaide!
  16. Neil

    You trippin?

    Nothing like mushrooms, if that's what you mean.
  17. Neil

    You trippin?

    Marijuana is pretty much decriminalized here in Australia, but still not legal for sale for recreational use. Pity, I reckon that's a good new business concept, that will be probably with us forever more. Nothing much wrong with a bit of weed, I reckon. May as well make it available for people...
  18. Neil

    JV33-130 not printing one channel

    Have a look in the Mimaki sub-forum. It's full of these questions and answers. I always suggest it's the cap top - not getting an air tight seal, not able to draw ink through the head. It most always is. Quite often I get a channel drop out 100%. I take the head over to the left side, clean...
  19. Neil

    Mimaki CJV150. Do I need 2 of each Cartridge to run 2x (Dual) CMYK?

    Yeah I agree. I wish you could override having it re-set the pinch rollers every time. It's a slow PITA and I never alter them anyway. You just have to get used to it's quirks. And there's a lot of them! One thing I'm still not used to - after about 5 years of daily use - is that stupid...
  20. Neil

    Mimaki CJV150. Do I need 2 of each Cartridge to run 2x (Dual) CMYK?

    Yes, my CJV30 will do the same thing if I'm not careful to avoid it. The front edge of the roll media can catch in one of the channels on the platen, causing it to dig in and rise up. Nasty consequences. I print everything with the head in high position, to avoid contact when printing.