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    small vinyl cut decals

    We do stuff like that on a regular basis. Just finished a 1500 Piece order. Yours doesn't look to be that difficult. Mike
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    Sully-Monsters inc.

    My Brother has had the nickname SulleyMac for as long as i can remember.we just thought it would be cool to put something on the side of his trail jeep. and I am all too familiar with protected logos.I do enough business with folks around UGA.I get requests all the time to include thier logo...
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    Sully-Monsters inc.

    thanks for the replys, it is for my own will be going on the side of my brothers jeep.i was thinking a cut vinyl version would look good.I just did get a small printer.I guess this would be a good time to start using it. and OldPaint,I can hardly draw a straight line. Thanks again...
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    Sully-Monsters inc.

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me where to find Sully from Monsters inc in eps. Thanks, Mike
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    Harley Font

    Hi all, does anyone know what the font is for Harley Davidson? my customer has some cabinets in his shop that already have Harley on them.he is going to add wording to his cabinets and wants it all to match. thanks, Mike
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    Please help

    thank you both. i will try them out. Mike
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    Please help

    Hi all, can someone please help with this font? thanks, Mike
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    Need Oracle Samples Please

    Hi all, i am in need of a small (2"x2") sample of 3 different Oracal 751 colors. using the catalog is just not working. the colors i am looking for are,Deep Blue,Cobalt Blue and King Blue. can someone help please.i will reimburse for any costs. thanks, Mike
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    Could use help please

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    Could use help please

    Hi all, i could use some help on this font please. thanks, mike <!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->
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    How much inventory?

    i keep a very small inventory.there is a fellers whse 20 minutes from me.comes in rather handy. mike
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    Font help please

    is this any better?? even when you click on it to enlarge it,that's as big as i know how to make it. mike
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    Font help please

    Hi all, i have someone who likes the "Ancient Age" font.can anyone id it for me. thanks, mike
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    Flexi 7.0 and Vista

    hi all, anyone running Flexi with Vista? my new computer will be here soon with vista basic loaded and was wondering if i can expect any problems. mike
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    Does anyone have the Ultimate Flames Mega Pack

    i bought the mini package off ebay for around $40.i've used it a couple times.they look pretty good.Fred is right,the animal flames draw the most interest. mike