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    8600 ARMS

    one of our techs did a factory reset and now I can not get ARMS to read. Using flexi with type 2 ARMS. Ideas? OR our IP to work. sooooo pissed
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    Where do I find that?
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    Sorry. Meant to add. flex using is the RIP I’m using
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    Just had our new Epson setup and for the life of me I can not find a generic ICC profile. Who develops a good ICC profile. I am not strong in that arena nor do I have the correct equipment at the moment. we have the couple I found are only CMYK and not taking advantage of the full color set of...
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    IMCA st k car light kits

    Anyone know if there is a site that sells the light kit design for IMCA stock cars?
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    Setting up TCP/IP with 8600-130

    Trying to connect my 8600-130 with Cat5. I am lost on where to start. I am using Flexisign19. Any help would be appreciated I know where the setup is on the plotter but not sure how to get it to connect. My printer is already using a cat5
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    Don’t OD please

    Just noticed my post, Dang autocorrect
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    Don’t OD please

    Perfect thanks
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    Don’t OD please

    Font ID please
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    Need Advice On Flatbed Table Applicator

    So nobody else carries the Bubble-free pro in the states?
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    Need Advice On Flatbed Table Applicator

    Is bubble-free pro application table discontinued? I keep getting error on emails and out of order on telephone numbers. HMMMM?
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    HP 26500

    im getting faulty ink cartridges. I have tried a new cartridge, cleaning contacts, swapped ink cartridge module with another cartridge slot. Still same error. My ink cartridges have a expiration date of 25 Jul18. Do they go bad where printer will not read them?
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    Flexi cloud, contour cut with graphtec

    I switched to Flexisign and now I can not contour cut. My Graphtec keeps giving me several different errors. Current one is mark not found. 4/2 is the printed marks and I have them as big and wide as I can print within flexi
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    Van wrap lines

    im always battling myself of how to lay the text on wraps. Does it go level with ground or follow body lines.
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    HP 26500

    Our supplier sent wrong ink cart. Is there a way to rest ink chip. I swapped ink chip and connector on ink cart so printer now is seeing the "wrong" cart but it has ink chip of old cart. Is there a way to rest?
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    3M wrap material

    My bad. HP latex
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    3M wrap material

    I have been searching to find what 3m product everyone likes better. So many dang choices. J180, J180v3, J180mC, J180c, SV480, and J380Cv3. I used so color change 3m with controltac and loved it, I like the ability to reposition the film a lot better than the 3951 and the 3951 seems to do a...
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    Ford SPORT font

    Anyone know what font this is? Thanks
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    zzambonie 500 template

    have looked several places for a template. I cant even take a picture because this thing is 3hrs away. Any idea where I can get a template of a zambonie 500?
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    HP 26500 ink channel hold down clips

    These are the clips that keep snapping