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  1. Raulrdz

    Feather Banners

    Alex...your link doesn't allow me to open the pricing. It says I need CIA/FBI/DHS and Walt Disney Clearance.
  2. Raulrdz

    Parking Signs

    It was a rough I'm
  3. Raulrdz

    Halloween Pumpkin

    That's awesome. I remember when my daughter was asked to make a model of her neighborhood, let's just say it was almost to scale. Amazing what parents will do for their kids.
  4. Raulrdz

    Hard Candy Fitness

    Doesn't the logo kind of look like the Planet Hollywood Logo? Except it's a full circle around the letters? Otherwise nice and clean.
  5. Raulrdz

    I have been amazed!

    I flew into the Boston area on Wednesday (8-22) stayed a few days in the Albany, NY area with family and now in the Natik, Framington and Wellesley, MA area. I have to tip my hat off to sign makers in these areas, I have seen some of the most well designed and well executed carved signs. There...
  6. Raulrdz

    Identify the bracket?

    Ditto, on replacing with a new pair of brackets.:thumb:
  7. Raulrdz

    Font Help...Please :)

    Thanks...I'll try to get as close as I can. As always your help is appreciated!
  8. Raulrdz

    Font Help...Please :)

    Need to identify font for EBBTIDE or the closest match. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Raulrdz

    Grimco has lost my business!!!

    Called Grimco yesterday to order banner-up or power-tabs. They told me they don't stock them locally and would have to be shipped from MO. Three days aways. Last week I needed a short roll (10yd) of cut vinyl, they told me they don't sell short rolls. Both occasions I call Fellers and had my...
  10. Raulrdz

    Boston here I come!

    Never been to Boston either, but will be visiting in late August. Going to drop off my oldest daughter at Wellesley College. Sure am going to miss her. She and I watch America's Team (NE Patriots) play on Sundays in our living room. I guess now she'll get a chance to watch them live. Good...
  11. Raulrdz

    Opinion on Color from Signs365

    I recently started using Signs365 and have been very satisfied with thier products and their pricing. :thumb:
  12. Raulrdz

    Flexistarter 10 vs flexisign pro 10

    I fell for this one when I first started...don't waste your money. Buy the full version, remember that it takes money to make money.
  13. Raulrdz

    Who Likes Growing... Veggies?

    Not much of a Veggie grower, but I do have one grapefruit tree, two lime trees, a peach tree and several varieties of mint. Fighting tiny white moths, though. The mint and limes are for my Mojitos.
  14. Raulrdz

    Keurig anyone?

    Donut House - Bold Emeril's Big & Easy Dunkin Donuts Funny 5 years ago I drank coffee maybe once or twice a year then I got a Tassimo then the Keurig and now I have to have at least one cup a day.
  15. Raulrdz

    The Billboard is up!

    Nice billboard...but what kind of wraps do you serve...personally I like the turkey ones with sprouts and gourmet mustard. LOL! Looks good may the billboard gods bring you much business.
  16. Raulrdz

    credit score

    One of my other hats is that I am the board president for a small credit union. I have attendeded confernences in many areas of the country and as far as credit scores, your best source is directly with Equifax, Transunion, or Experian. There are very few other reputable sources, most offer...
  17. Raulrdz

    Digitally Printed Window Shades - Source?

    Go to the LexJet web page and check out the Lexjet blog. There are some articles on the how to make these and what types of materials to use. They sell the material for both the solvent and aqueous printers.
  18. Raulrdz

    Grommets and Banner Stands

    Haven't used that banner stand, however normally grommets are place one inch from the top and one inch from the side. I make the "x" banner's often. I usally order them from with Orbus or Creative Banner. Just made four today using the SPRING 4 stand from Orbus.
  19. Raulrdz

    Collegiate Logos Vector Search

    Wow! This post is starting to sound like it belongs on the USCutter site. Simply said if you need the licensed logo and don't have the rights to it, personal or commercial, then do what you need to do on your own, please don't expose others on this site to possibly jeapordizing thier business...
  20. Raulrdz

    Banner Stands

    Creative banner or displays to go has them.