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    Looking for a company that sews awnings, banners in the central Miss area.

    If you cannot find a local rep I highly recommend Sewing Specialties in St.Louis....very knowledgeable and quick turnarounds. 314.781.7570
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    Need Help Die-cutting labels and stickers

    those of you using Graphtec are you using a 60 degree blade or which blade do you recommend for clean cut?
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    Suggestions keencut

    We have - 144 Evolution3 smartfold, 60" ARC and a small rotary tabletop cutter....Great devices for their intended purposes.....
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    Venting a little about my 1624x

    I have had a number of Mutoh VJ printers over the years....I have tried several aftermarket inks after a printer is out of original warranty. The only ink I personally have had good luck with is STS problems, no color change almost no noticeable difference from OEM. Maintenance and...
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    Sign Wizard software UK

    They were bought out by Principal Lighting Group LLC 325-227-4577
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    install sign post in concrete or asphalt

    I've banged several of these directly through asphalt with our post drivers....we have oversized custom made post drivers to drive them through our rocky hard ground and usually the asphalt is the easy part to get through HA. Concrete I would say you are out of luck without cutting the concrete.
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    Fletcher Substrate Cutter

    been looking at these for a while....please share your thoughts once you get it going...does your model also cut ACP?
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    Kinda in a jam

    depending on printer it should work fine...may have to play with heat settings to help with receptivity and prevent buckling
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    What labels are you printing?

    My guess is many of your customers don't know they "need" labels...print them a short run of their logo as a small label the next time they get their truck lettered or a sign....You will be surprised how many label orders you get this way...
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    First time acrylic letter install

    I agree the letters will most likely be to heavy for silicone and tape only. I would go for stud mount only as suggested above. It will make your installation quicker and you will not have to worry about it when you walk away from the job.
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    Shop roomba?

    We have a generic "roomba" shop bot....picked it up on Woot cheap. It has been going strong for a couple years. I turned off the auto run scheduling due to different signs/banners or decals stacked on the floor, a few escapes out the door etc. About once or twice a week I just manually turn it...
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    Suggestions Looking for Screen Printed Round Signs

    Firesprint just did a batch of D.S. on coro for me - turned out great... might check with them - can probably do diabond also
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    Splice print and have the other half print next to each other?

    try changing your material length panel from 1968" to under 140" and see if it forces it over....?
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    Cutting polycarbonate with a panel saw

    Freud 8" x 64T Plastic Blade (LU94M008) available in 8" - 14" on Amazon .... works great on our panel saw and no melting and good clean edges. Just don't push it to fast as you can burn up the blade
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    Need Help Widow needing advice on equipment

    I would say if the Graphtec is still in good working condition and in good shape it is worth 500-800....I just sold a 5100 for $1,100. I would rather have a quality used 4100 over a new off brand plotter.
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    write port error

    Try printing direct to the printer - I believe its a crossover cable direct from your PC to the printer completely bypassing your network....if it still does it I would guess it to be a printer issue and not a network issue...
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    Ventilation System?

    The charcoal air purifiers work pretty can assemble them pretty economically from parts sold on Amazon
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    looking for cartoon artist

    I have had good luck using a few of my local Tattoo artists
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    Laminating Paper

    Seal came with it.....sorry not much help maybe find something at your local big box and cut it to the correct size
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    Laminating Paper

    use less tape when you start the roll of new laminate on the take small piece to start it... when ready to remove all the old paper from the takeup core. Bang one end of the core on the floor straight down - it will release the tape and you can slide the entire roll of paper off the...