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  1. danno

    Question Finding my color balance with Onyx and Epson S80

    We found that after writing custom in house profiles, our S80 has been great for PMS colour matching. When needed, we will custom match customer supplied colours and assign them in ONYX and in Illustrator to keep everything correct. About once a quarter, season change, we recalibrate to make...
  2. danno

    Looking for a company that sews awnings, banners in the central Miss area.

    Munn Enterprise - 601-264-7446. I haven't dealt with them. One of my suppliers say they are good folks.
  3. danno

    Yellow turns green in sunlight.

    I agree with Gino. I've been color matching for print since the late 90's. When we walked outside with the customer to sign off on print swatches, we never had any problems.
  4. danno

    UV printing not sticking compared to solvent

    UV ink sits on top of the vinyl. Most solvent or eco-solvent machines "etch" into the vinyl. Depending on the saturation levels, that could change the characteristics of the adhesive. I have over saturated some vinyl in my day and found that it was tackier than expected.
  5. danno

    optically clear film

    3m 40c-114 - hazy 3m ij180mc-114 - acceptable for most 3m ij8150 - best for optically clear I have used all films. My preference is the ij8150. Some customers will sacrifice a little clear for a better price point.
  6. danno

    Suggestions Issues with peeling vinyl on signs

    If the PVC has a protective film over the top, you might want to remove it the night before the installation. We had a similar issue. When we contacted the manufacture, they recommended to let it breath overnight.
  7. danno

    Need Help 80600 and wrap vinyl

    When I used that printer, we were using 3M ij180cv3-10/8518. 720x720. We had written a custom profile with ink limits dial back to around 265 if I remember correctly. We had Onyx Production House RIP and an i1 table spectrophotometer to write the profile with. We didn't have any issues with...
  8. danno

    Living Wall Sign?

    Looks great!! I think you did good!!
  9. danno

    Moving to a new state. Weighing my options.

    I left Charlotte, NC 3 years ago. I'm currently in Birmingham, AL. There is a big difference in the way the shops and clients respond. Charlotte was more about quality. Birmingham is more about price. Before the start of the Covid, I knew some shops in the Atlanta area that were 2-3 weeks...
  10. danno

    Need Help Need help with Rolls Roller Flatbed application

    I never had good luck laminating with a RollsRoller. It didn't have enough pressure. The Seal 62 Pro D we had, always did a better job when laminating.
  11. danno

    The method produce wallpaper prints?

    We have printed a few rolls of wall paper lately. We are using a HP L560. I wrote a custom profile, and when we print, we have a minimum of the colour bar on the side edges. After the printing has completed, we roll it out on the table and hand trim with our long straight edge. We usually...
  12. danno

    Latex, what would be your suggestions for improvement?

    I have a PMS chart that I created and also custom built files, images and vector, that were compared side by side after both machines were profiled.
  13. danno

    Suddenly getting these bands in print - 560

    Have you tried a different roll on media? If there was an issue running the length of the web, if could be the media.
  14. danno

    Latex, what would be your suggestions for improvement?

    I have printed with HP Latex, UV and solvent machines. I have also used other brands, Mimaki, Seiko, OCE, Canon, Epson. The HP has a very high temperature to evaporate the water from the print. It requires 2 220V outlets. The solvent or eco-solvent machines I have operated only require 1...
  15. danno

    Need Help FB700 - no yellow in beginning of print

    Have you checked the inline filters above the thermistor? They are between the thermistor and the manifold.
  16. danno

    What RA material are you using?

    3m 40c and Avery 2105 is what we use here.
  17. danno

    drilling tile for stand offs

    Thank y'all for the insight and experience. I will post results and some finished pics if we receive the job.
  18. danno

    drilling tile for stand offs

    I need advise. We have a client that would like stand offs for indoor signage in a restaurant. I have a 50% track record when drilling through tile, yes, i crack it. I would like recommendations on what y'all are currently using that would better my chances. No, I do not know what type of...
  19. danno

    font help please

    I didn't save the font, have the outlines. Can anybody help with this one? Logo from 20 years ago.