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    I need profile / palette for Gerber Heat transfer PLUS?

    I'm going to guess the difference in the amount of blue foil and red foil left in each cartridge is quite a bit different... If I ever have to have tight registration between two colours for an important job, I try and use foils with similar amounts on the roll. For your real issue, see if...
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    Giant wine bottle for the top of a delivery van!?!

    A client (Private wine store) is rebranding. In addition to wraps, they'd like to incorporate a giant wine bottle on top of their dlivery vans, as well. I don't even know where to start. Any suggestions? My initial thought would be some place like the Imagination Corporation, but I don't know...
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    Help Fabricating Floating Acrylic Section

    I'd try something like this:
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    Another problem with overlapping on Gerber Omega with Edge 2

    Just looks like you forgot to set the blue to overprint/overlap. Make sure to move the blue shape to the front, and have the Print Order setup correct as well.
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    Scorpion illustration (cartoonish)

    Thanks. I'll go that route if need be - but it looks like it might be a stock illustration from somewhere. If I can purchase a file for $10 to $15 it'd be worth it.
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    Scorpion illustration (cartoonish)

    Anyone seen this image in any collections? I've exhausted everything/where I know. TIA
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    Question How long vinyl plotters last...

    I've got a Gerber GS15+ that will have been in use for 20 years come November. Haven't replaced a thing on it (other than blades). Bought a Summa in 2008? for a job that required wider media, and it paid for itself on that first job - ran 50 yard rolls of reflective and 3M 180 without issue...
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    Converting a file to something an embroidery place can use?

    Good info (leading to lots of questions) to go back to my customer with. Thank you!
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    Converting a file to something an embroidery place can use?

    Anyone know how - or have the ability to convert a vector file into something an embroidery place could use? A customer of mine's is looking for a DST file. Not sure if that's generic enough. I've got the file in illustrator, and can convert it into just about anything - except for any form...
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    Gerber edge menu options and there technical function

    I can't speak to the others, but I'm pretty sure the "last overlap" function is how much the Edge rewinds and reprints if there's an issue with the foil (end of foil/it breaks/you open the cover while printing, etc....).
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    Bad prints

    Was that perhaps your first run of the day? Or at least first print in a couple of hours? I’ve found now that my edge is a little older, it sometimes needs a bit of a ‘wakeup’... to get the head warmed up. For that, I usually create an 11.8” x 3” rectangle to print. Everything prints...
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    Gerber Edge Foil

    Adjust your heat/pressure settings for the blue. Make sure it's set to Overprint (as opposed to overLAP). Double check and/or change the heat setting in GSPPlot to "Hot". For the adidas decal - is there a reason you're not just printing blue onto white vinyl? Looks like you could also just...
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    Very large run of 2” round stickers/labels help

    Stouse for sure. They have no trouble shipping to Canada.
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    chrome finish on acrylic FCO

    Flat Cut Out
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    Question Value of Edge FX foils?

    I never pay more than half of MSRP for "used" foils... prorated, of course. If a 50 yard foil sells for $150 at Grimco (or wherever), and there's only 25 yards left, I'm not paying more than ~$40 for it.
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    Need Help Edge LE instructions to remove print head

    Got this from someone on here years ago. Figure I'd return the favour.
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    Gerber Edge FX Spotty Prints.

    That spot black print looks like it’s just really shotty (pitted or dirty) vinyl. Sometimes, I find that if I’m near the end of a roll of vinyl (last couple of yards), it gets worse. That said, for the most part we use 3M 220 or 3M SC50, and rarely encounter this issue. The halftone prints...
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    Help nationwide

    Any time I’ve done (or been approached to do) work for out of town companies, they’ve insisted on a price per square foot. I’m talking window graphics, mall hoarding, museum displays, etc.
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    Laser settings for cutting .060 styrene

    Looking at cutting .060 Styrene on the laser for the first time. Anyone have settings they'd like to share that they're most successful with? I'm using a 75 watt machine, but have others at my disposal - should some of you have suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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    Lease / Financing For Vehicle Wraps

    I've dealt directly with the dealerships. I would invoice them for the work, and they would bury the cost (plus markup, I'm assuming) into the cost of the lease. Most larger dealers have fleet sales managers that are especially keen on this.