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    Question Has anyone had the Minuteman Press business evaluation, I got a letter in the post!

    I ignore any and all unsolicited approaches. Tell'em nuffin, take'em nowhere.......
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    Need Help Double sided foam tape with plastic backer?

    "one of my installers is always complaining"........ Maybe he's doing it wrong ? Are others happy enough with the paper backed tape ?
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    copyright question

    Would it be a good idea to note on any invoice that the logo section of the stripping job was not charged for ?
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    Completely washed out backlit panels

    How about a sheet of white corflute directly behind the clear panel as a difuser ? Slide a piece in and see how it looks ?
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    Need Help Problems Cutting Small Fine Detail Gx-24

    Don't blame the machine or manufacturer, learn how to use it efficiently and take note of answers you receive here.
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    Dave Drane...

    Such an amazing talent, such a huge loss. Liddy, there are many standing with you. A wonderful bloke. Lance and Anne
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    square foot pricing?!

    Pricing jobs will always be a concern, no matter what industry you are in. It hurts to lose the jobs you thought you could win, but there's no sure way of guaranteeing a win. The area you're in will also help determine your pricing. I do as some have suggested, sq/ft pricing, but keep ALL the...
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    Is things really that bad ???

    The client is hoping you will better the cheapie price, then they'll go back to the cheapie shop and try to screw them lower again. Then come back to you, then go back to them, then come back to you................Da, dada,dada.........:banghead: 10 copies @ 5c? she wants to screw ya over 10...
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    Christmas Week Phone Calls

    What's the bet in a few days ya get a call from Tara....... "Hello, I'm Tara, have there been any messages for me ?"
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    Newbies only

    You want perty ? Here ya go, a true newbie at work.............:covereyes: :thumb::Australia
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    I think you may be on the wrong track again Ford. They are not an English Co. Signtools is from a company called A Signs, in Sydney, down here in Australia. There is the contact email on their www, although I am a bit concerned giving it to you incase these are not the ppl you are looking for...
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    BB2, you were of course refering to the printer, and not OP were'nt you ?:wine-smi: Aussies all over the place down here. Oi, Oi, Oi.............:thumb::Australia
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    Just Joined from Australia

    and aluvly bit ov orstralya itis two, Hic, wheel bee ova their eerli nex yer and gonna come say Gooday........Hic Welvcome mate, good spot to land here.
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    cant get my coral draw 9

    Hey Ford, could you attach one of the files that's causing the grief ? One with the letters and graphics.
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    cant get my coral draw 9

    and have No Fill.
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    long time adobe user WOWed by corel x4

    Just wondering what the changes are to the polygon tool in X4 over X3. I know, I could go have a look, but I figured while we're on the subject............... I've used CD4, 9, and now X3, and I've had a bit of a play with Illy but couldn't get it to feel good to me, so I gave it a miss. CD...
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    Favorite Quote from a Customer Today

    Luurve it..........:thumb: Yep, sounds just a little familiar:banghead:
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    help with clipart

    The 'florida state logo'. Is that the State of Florida, a footy team or a University ? These questions from Australia. I have no idea. But........... When/if you do locate them, do you have permission or licence to use them ?
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    newbie seeing spots...

    Yeah, wot they sed, I see spots sometimes too, nice cabsav this one. Paragraphs please sir. Shudup lance, go to bed............... OK. I'm gone, but yeah.....good to haveya here. Did I help answer da kwetchun ?
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    Need help editing a .eps and .jpg with X3

    Can you post the file ?