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    corel users - importing pdf's

    Eric - Importing pdf's into Corel is a crapshoot. The earlier versions, even X3 & X4 would sometimes move and/or change things such as layer orders and even fonts. Sometimes if the pdf is complex enough, it won't import at all.
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    I'm looking for Eco-Ultra Ink Compatible

    There isn't a manufacturer around (including Mimaki, Seiko, HP, Epson, Roland) that has not had an issue. As far as machinery is concerned, they are all junk - they all break. I am not completely up to speed on the Mutoh ink problem but I do know that Mutoh did not cause it. Mutoh did not...
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    The Return of Arlo...

    Welcome back Arlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Monday's Delivery...

    Congrats Chris!!!!
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    Replicators 2nd Shoulder Surgery

    Get better man!
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    Ink For Mutoh RJ 6000

    Call Accugraphics in Florida 800-268-3672. Ask for Gary, Heather, or Ron. They ship worldwide and you will not have any issues.They have a drop-in aftermarket brand that will work, and not harm the machine or its components (as some suffered with the 11/10 inks). Since it is an older Falcon you...
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    Cadlink wants $800 so I can use Windows 7

    Bob - You should be able to use one of the other Roland drivers. There are actually only a few drivers, regardless of the model name. Unfortunately it is a trial and error but essentially start with the PNC drivers.
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    Cadlink wants $800 so I can use Windows 7

    They are all the same and they all keep making changes. Call your local Cadlink dealer NOT tech support. You need a new dongle. The LPT dongle should have been traded years ago. If you do not have anyone local, call Accugraphics (Florida) 800-268-3672. Ask for Gary or Heather and explain your...
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    Cadlink wants $800 so I can use Windows 7

    David - Where are you getting your information from? Whoever told you that SL7 does not run on Win7 is wrong. As a matter of fact it will run on Vista64, which means that in will also go to Win7. What has changed with many program vendors is the dongle. LPT dongles started getting phased out...
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    Customers doing it themselves.

    Soon is now. One of the large office supply chains did just that a few years ago. It turned out to be so profitable that many more similar deals have followed suit. Mosh - Sorry to hear someone got into the chicken coup. Just remember - all the art is yours.
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    Another Florida native!

    Welcome to Signs 101
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    So how do you learn to letter by hand?

    Wayne - I think you are way off here. I have never met or spoken to a painter that was not interested in teaching anyone how to do it. Never have I seen anyone "look down" on those that do not paint. The brush people are some of the most patient and friendly that one could ever meet. What...
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    Solar Powered Sign Shop

    Curious.. What is the calculated summer efficiency for your part of the country? What is the calculated winter efficiency for your part of the country? What measures are in place to prevent weather damage or system/panel failure (ie - snow, etc.)?
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    So how do you learn to letter by hand?

    Paint always has and always will outlast vinyl, especially digital. Paint also allows the availability of any color. Therefore the answer to the question is "longevity, and depth". My hat always comes off for those that can twirl a brush.
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    CNC pricing help/ sign foam carved sign

    You're not kidding! Unless everything is alacarte (topolpathing, setup, sales, etc.) machine time needs to be $100/hr minimum. Finishing is another thing that is taken for granted and lacks appreciation. To change this, we have made some fun unfinished samples that we give away freely. When...
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    Happy Birthday to Fred Weiss

    Happy Birthday Fred!
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    Font help

    Looks like Zapf Human.
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    Printing IJ170CV3 w/ VP-540

    IJ170 and 180 are the same film. The adhesive is different.
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    Us tech laminator

    Before you go that route....look for something like this: Their asking price is a steal. Our GBC (60" Titan) easily does 150' in one shot, BUT like all laminators it takes practice (or training) for the confidence...
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    Learning Wall Doggin'... video

    Hanging from a rope?? :covereyes: