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  1. Ditchmiester

    New UV Light UJF-3042

    Comments like this are why I don't use this site very often any more. Clearly I have looked it up and know what it costs. I came here looking to see if anyone else had any experience ordering 3rd party lamps for this printer. What exactly did your post add to this?
  2. Ditchmiester

    New UV Light UJF-3042

    I'm looking for the actual UV LED Lamp replacement. We had a tech out and he said that it needed to be replaced but Mimaki wants around 2400 for it plus labor to install. I can't imagine it is very hard to swap out.
  3. Ditchmiester

    New UV Light UJF-3042

    I'm trying to find out if there are any 3rd party suppliers for Mimaki Part number M016184. Would like to order and install my self to save some money.
  4. Ditchmiester

    HP L210 For Sale $1000

    I have a HP L210 that we are not currently using. It is not under power but worked last time we had it under power. If interested I can turn it on and show that it still works. It will probably need new print heads and lines. Or if interested for Parts. Will only do Local Pickups. We are located...
  5. Ditchmiester

    Uv-led Flatbed Printer

    How does the JFX-200 handle printing small items like that. We have a couple of the UJF series and we use small fixtures to hold the parts. Is this doable on the JFX as well?
  6. Ditchmiester

    Question Need help im new to UV Printing and i need some Tips!

    Ink Cups Now makes a glass boost adhesion promoter that I have used on some very hard to stick to surfaces and had pretty good success. Also does what ink set are you using on your printer 100 or 140? Do you have the built in primer?
  7. Ditchmiester

    UJF 3042FX White ink isn't opaque enough

    What resolution and pass level are you running. On our 6042 over black material we run 8 pass 3 overprint to get a nice opaque white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ditchmiester

    Seal Image 62 Plus Dual Heat Laminator For Sale

    Bump... Price Lowered to 6500. Local Pickup Only.
  9. Ditchmiester

    Best Practices: Measuring for Design / Laser measuring tool / Smart Phone Apps

    What app do you use. I searched for Draw on Top but couldn't find anything. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Ditchmiester

    UV Printers - Help and Feedback Needed

    +1 These guys are great. I've been getting help from Trevor at PDS for help with our 3042. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Ditchmiester

    UV Printers - Help and Feedback Needed

    We ended up purchasing a Mimaki UJF-6042 and just added two more Mimaki UJF-3042. The mimaki printers are absolutely amazing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Ditchmiester

    Discussion Mimaki UJF-3042-Error

    This is the error I keep getting Any ideas on how to fix it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Ditchmiester

    New Printer

    If you are going to be running production of a lot of these blank sizes throughout the day non stop then take a very hard look at the loading and unloading process of the FB550 it has always been heads and tails above (to me at least) the competition when it comes to running smaller blanks like...
  14. Ditchmiester

    Wood Branding

    What kind of Metal did he use to make the brand?
  15. Ditchmiester

    Wood Branding

    I know they make laser CO2 tables in the 5x10 size so it might be possible. You are going to pay an arm and a leg to have someone do it for you though.
  16. Ditchmiester

    Wood Branding

    Could you get by with laser marking the wood to look burned?
  17. Ditchmiester

    Seal Image 62 Plus Dual Heat Laminator For Sale

    Looking to sell our Seal Laminator. It is in great condition. Heat works on both upper and lower rollers. See pictures. If you have any questions please email me at We are asking $8,500 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  18. Ditchmiester

    Job management

    We've been fighting to find a good fit for our business for project management software for years. Everything off the shelf doesn't seem to fit our business model. Unfortunately the best option is to find one you like and adjust how you do things to fit it. You will never find the perfect software.