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  1. TammieH

    Question: Still new to vinyl cutting. Sawtooth or jagged edges on Vinyl Cuts?

    I think its something to do with the handshake between your plotter and computer, or you changed some of the settings on the plotter by mistake, "Offset" for example
  2. TammieH

    Hardware Vendor - Overhead Sign These guys have a few options, we have used the ceiling cable hangers in the past part number KC2-CG05
  3. TammieH

    Font Identification Help. maybe stretched? there may be an expanded version?
  4. TammieH

    Need Help Photo Tex

    Thank you everyone!! You have been of great help!!!
  5. TammieH

    Need Help Photo Tex

    We have a wall graphic for interior drywall, I was wondering if anyone has used Photo Tex and how well does it stick? The wall I believe has been painted for some time, at least a month. We do not print in house I was looking at a Youtube Video on installation appears that its not too...
  6. TammieH

    hand painting on raw concrete

    I would go old school, using a perforated pattern & chalk dust. Depending on the colors and how well the paint covers, possibly go with a good quality paint/primer in one It will take multiple coats. ...Have fun :) !!
  7. TammieH

    Interesting Quotes

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” ― Isaac Asimov
  8. TammieH

    It's beginning to feel like Christmas!

    TEASE! Key lime fudge? Sounds like I need to look up the recipe :)
  9. TammieH are your sales ending the year?

    Its strange, we were just getting along, a couple weeks looked quite ominous. Now it has gone crazy. But the way things have been, still have a lot of anxiety of what will happen next month.
  10. TammieH

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hope Everyone Has a Safe and Joyful Christmas!!!
  11. TammieH

    Just In So, does this look kosher....................................... ??

    I searched this "mipo asia" looks legit, but who knows.
  12. TammieH

    This year's card

    Very nice Bill!!! Merry Christmas
  13. TammieH

    Favorite Movies

    In no particular order The Thin Man series Stage Coach (The Original of Course) People Will Talk The Searcher's High Noon 12 Angry Men The Oxbow Incident Bad Day at Black Rock To Kill a Mockingbird Breakfast at Tiffany's Unforgiven Groundhog Day Serenity Princess Bride Open Range Cider House...
  14. TammieH

    Question Iguana Green Vinyl 66580A 15"

    Oracal's 751 Lime Tree Green is pretty close
  15. TammieH

    Discussion Boudica...................................

    I had Billy Ray Cyrus stuck in my head for over a week many years ago, what a horrible experience!!! I will not mention the song, just in case I have a relapse, but I am sure everyone knows what it is.
  16. TammieH

    Pub Style

    Oh My, that "M" is ugly, what is it with the dog ears?
  17. TammieH

    Hi! Stymied on this!

    Pretty sure its hand lettered But you may find something reasonably close here
  18. TammieH

    WTF (What the Frosting)

    Appears to be on one side, Yes? It could be Frosted vinyl with a transparent silk screen print design.
  19. TammieH

    Wishing Everyone here....Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving - stay safe !
  20. TammieH

    Large Vinyl Install advise

    You have to use mask if you are cutting the copy/art out of the vinyl