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  1. gerald

    Serial cable requirements for CNC

    I would ad the serial card. You can then run it farther. Serial connection can run much farther that USB. I have an axyz router and added a serial card to my latest computer as the motherboard did not have one onboard. Also, if you want to take a look at the instructions for the motherboard...
  2. gerald

    Change white channel letters to black but still light up

    Don't use the day/nite plex with led's. You will see all the led's as hot spots and there will be a small pinkish dot where every led is. Only use the vinyl on white plex, not clear. Dont use window perf either. The hole spacing is different believe it or not.
  3. gerald

    Acrylic outgassing... How long?

    If you spray with Mathews or other professional sign paint that uses a reducer and put vinyl on too soon, you will get bubbles. They solvents evaporate and that is part of the curing process. If you lay vinyl before this process is complete, you will get bubbles. The small amount that does...
  4. gerald

    Acrylic outgassing... How long?

    When you paint anything you need to let it dry for 2 -3 days or you can get gassing bubbles. Some colors are woese that others. No idea why. Never heard of acrylic out gassing though.
  5. gerald

    Gross Sales per Employee

    It varies with the size of the shop. A big, national company will average about 180K. A small shop that does 300 to 400K will be about 100K.
  6. gerald

    Virus Help- Google Results are redirected

    My daughter got this on her laptop. I eventually had to do a complete reload. It started like this and over a couple days deteriorated to total re-directs. I searched it out and found that a total re-install was the only fix. Hope I'm wrong on your's.
  7. gerald

    Prismjet Extra 38/Falcon Outdoor Jr. - Puddle of Ink

    Did the machine sit a long time between prints? If so, the Magenta head could be clogged. If so, it may have to be removed and soaked in cleaning fluid. Sometimes thay can be a nightmare. You almost have to consider evry possibility and start at the most likely and work your way thru. If the...
  8. gerald

    Where are my Bad Wrap updates???

    Isn't Sergio the Lowen guy now?? "Lowen certified" that'll get-em in the door.
  9. gerald

    Accepting Credit Cards

    The big money maker for credit card companies is charging you fees. Look on your statement for monthly fees. You can and should get a rate of 1.5% or less. If your monthly fee is over 5.00, it's too much. Don't sign up with someone who calls you on the phone and wants to charge you 49.95 a month...
  10. gerald

    Convex Pan face

    I used these folks before and they delivered as promised and did great work. Quality Manufacturing 969 LaBore Industrial Court St. Paul, Minnesota 55110-5114 (800) 243-5473
  11. gerald

    Good day All

  12. gerald

    Ordered a Router!

    If AXYZ is suppling the converter I'd say everything is good to go. I know you'll like the router. We would be dead in the water without it. You go from a company that makes square boxes to a custom shape fabricator overnight.
  13. gerald

    Ordered a Router!

    In one of our buildings we don't have 3 phase. I got a phase converter since I already had a 3 phase air compressor and welders. The converters run the welders great but the air compressor slows down as the pressure builds and kicks the breaker in the converter. I changed out the motor on the...
  14. gerald

    Ordered a Router!

    What he said, those phase converters don't run stuff that require torque, like air compressors and stuff. Lights and stuff like that do fine, I even have a welder running on one. But, stuff with a motor that is hard to turn will not do well usually, unless they have made great strides. Hope...
  15. gerald

    Deleting an EPS/AI

    Couple of possibilities that I know of. 1.) You may be using this image in a layout in your design program and it keeps track of where these images are. Sometimes it won't even allow you to move them from one folder to another. Example, a pdf, a flexi file ect... Theres a setting someplace I...
  16. gerald

    Need an "Uncopyrightable" file

    I see the RCAF but not the Cadets.
  17. gerald

    Captain Ken finds Signs 101

    Hello cap'n.
  18. gerald

    Routing material larger than your tables limits

    I do this all the time. I measure my starting points and mark it on the material with a sharpie. That way I can see if the bit is goling to start exactly where I want it to. If possible, I st the cut up so I don't have to stop and start in the middle of a cut.
  19. gerald

    Hello from Puerto Rico

    Welcome from KY!!
  20. gerald

    quick ? networking a gx24

    I have 2 Graphtec FC-5100's that sit side by side and I heve them networked via a an inexpensive print server through the parallel ports. The print server plugs into my network via cat 5 cat-5 cable. Works great for over 3 years.