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    We are adding subcontractors

    This all depends on you it also depends on how big the mistake is. my team is made mistakes which have gotten me fired from jobs we've also made some mistakes and fixed it. the bad thing about the installation in industry is you'll learn you'll find which employees you need to fire on...
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    We are adding subcontractors

    You do need to have: survey forms that are complete and easy to use. ensure subs have insurance I agree with at least half payment when done with the job. I only have 4 companies I work Net 30, But they are my largest clients I don't accept NET 30 on a survey they are low dollar and need...
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    Any Ideas guys?

    Just trace it .5 hr cost for trace.
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    In need of / In search of a Take Up System for a VS-540i

    We took a generic take-up roller and put an aluminum 2*4" across the bottom of the machine. Nothing fancy but cheap
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    First Machine Help - Need Real World Opinions Instead of Sales Guy

    I have had 3 different Roland's which are Epson heads, over the years a d typically changed out after 7 years just because newer faster is better. On year 6 for my latest machine. Just expect $2,000 in maintenance over 6 years. For the print just need to run a test print every...
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    Question SP540V cutting not exact

    If there is any wobble where it's off check your rollers they may be loose not visually but inspect them physically each
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    Suppliers for Outside Digital Menu Boards

    Outside menus are typically now flatbed print with thin plastic inserts I want to say it's really thin lexan, but I'm up really late. They are cheap and easy to change out the cost for an outside digital display is very high for a menu. Other option is you in case a TV but it doesn't have the...
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    Suggestions how do I remove old cracked vinyl wrap

    A sandblaster will run $500-700 in Houston area. I did one hone where we used vinyl off reflective (FYI vinyl off looses it's potency when exposed to air so you need in opened bottles) we laid newspaper to wick up the vinyl off and keep it on the van. Worked better than spraying it every 30...
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    Installing 25' x 25' mesh banners between columns

    Just as the other guy mentioned the wind force is going to be two great you'll have to make a sturdy frame with a backing that is going to be bolted to those columns. you build a solid frame because they want these the last long time then it'll be easy to put the banner on there in the frame...
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    Cast or Calendared?

    We use Arlon for all digital prints. 3m for most cut vinyl since everyone specs it
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    Cast or Calendared?

    we leave .25in of white around the edges so they do not curl on calandered vinyl
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    Exterior LED lights, do they need to be "inclosed"?

    please research IP ratings. you need an ip67 light if you are in a moist climate. power supplies must always be contained
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    Contour cuts off , over 30 inches goes in the trash...

    check the rollers also
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    Measuring with a Drone

    haha , I had a client tell me that I should use a drone to take pictures of his sign and get measurements. I told him that sounds fancy and all but I prefer to use subtense method and I can tell he didn't do well at math. Simple put it is a measure of known distances to extrapolate what you...
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    How to put a value on a business?

    typically in the sale of a business but there are multiple factors, the business is worth 2-5 x owners income plus inventory. typically when you hit the multiplier of 3 4 and 5 there are some long-term agreements in place but typically a small business will sell for about two to two-and-a-half...
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    How would you...

    Backer plate, or front lighted. I have seen deeper letters 8" and some awesome architectural letters that were 2" thick but 8" tall, non lighted. There is a place called, Echelons Above Reality, and you found it.
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    Question Sign Removal Price

    Houston area is $95-$225 per hour depending on size of company equipment, reach, disposal rate, size of sign.
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    What's worse than covid-19? Customers not paying.

    We have sent certified letters with a repo date after 60 days non payment. Bill goes out when job complete and every 2 weeks with a past due stamped on it and emailed also. Once 60 dyas have been hit they have 1 week otherwise we repo, last 9 years only repo one sign. For Texas a clean repo can...
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    Aluminum Trucks... Again!

    You take a photo of the HOA board members car with any company decal on the back window and send it in as a complaint of a commercial vehicle. F those guys, we got them here too.
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    Offering services to big shops?

    Even with working for the large National Brand companies you will have to bid the job for the estimate. Everyone needs to create a budget. Now some of the "remaining nameless" companies they will dictate down a cost and look for the cheapest. You can get business from reading the name tag on...