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    Shutting down a sign shop, thoughts and lessons learned.

    Just wanted to share some lessons learned about recently shutting down a sign shop. Making the decision to shut down or sell your shop should be made as dispassionately as possible. After a few years you can tend to forget to make a business decision, you start to think about how the business...
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    Phone calls *bang head on desk*

    "Do you make prints of documents?" Are you asking if I make copies? "Yes." Sorry, I don't make copies, I am not a copy shop. "Do you know where I can get copies made?" At a copy shop? Maybe Office Max? "Can you guarantee they make copies?" You're asking me if I can guarantee what Office...
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    Removing Exterior Door handles on Ford Transit Connect

    Check youtube, i have found how to remove just about anything from any vehicle there.
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    Roland SP-540V - what on earth???

    After you replaced the encoder strip and sensor, did you do a limit position initialize?
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    newbie from tx diving in head first.

    You did notice there is a section entirely devoted to mutoh printers?
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    newbie from tx diving in head first.

    I'm in no way trying to take food off someone elses table. I am trying to save money on some of my own race graphics and possibly save some other racers on theirs. Yes, you are taking food off someone elses table. Because you think you can do it cheaper than someone else. Well, maybe you...
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    My Rant for the day

    I understand and appreciate the suggestions from everyone. I guess I should explain the rationale behind my Apply In Person approach to hiring. If they walk in the door, they were able to pay some attention to detail. If they have a resume and a portfolio, they have a basic knowledge of...
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    opening next door to competitor? Ethics v/s food on the table

    I was looking for a location once, and the real estate agent thought it would be a great idea if I went in right next to another sign shop. I got rid of that agent. I think you have already decided it is a bad idea, you just needed us to confirm the voice in your head and your heart. Find a...
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    My Rant for the day

    So I posted a want ad for a graphic artist. Specifically in the ad stated to apply in person. I don't want emails from somebody 3 states away. I don't want phone calls. I want somebody to Apply In Person. Of the ones that have walked in the door to apply. Wife beater t-shirt and gym shorts...
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    Looking for real world experienced opinions of quality laminator

    I would go with the Royal Sovereign.
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    Window Vinyl, Sign Permits and Customers Service

    DMV- ever had to get a license inspection done on a crane truck? DOT- Some states require permits from DOT for an EMC next to a state highway. Landlord- Ever had a landlord discover the difference between the Heavy Manufacturing (welding,metal fabrication) and regular "business" zoning after you...
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    How much time do you estimate for employee to hem & grommet 15 banners?

    I dont know much about the process of sewing banners. What is a "puller"? It is a powered roller that sits behind the needle and pulls the material through as it sews.
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    How much time do you estimate for employee to hem & grommet 15 banners?

    You might not be able to do it right now, but about $2500 dollars will get you more than enough sewing machine with puller to knock those banners out so much faster than taping. It will be a revelation if you do it.
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    Window Vinyl, Sign Permits and Customers Service

    There are a few people in business you really don't want to make angry: Department of Motor Vehicles Local Code Enforcement State Department of Revenue Internal Revenue Service Department of Transportation Landlords Not in that particular order, but any one of them by itself or in combination...
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    It's not just the newbies for me...

    You think the sign trade can be rough on new people? Have you ever worked or apprenticed as a welder, or a pipefitter, or an electrician? Those guys are genuinely rough on the new kids. Watch out for that live wire kid, oops! the other wire ha ha. In the 9 years I have been doing this now, I...
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    Why should I sponsor you.....

    When you didn't invite me to the BBQ? :noway: /just venting
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    What to do with a recently deceased machine.

    If the dealer you bought it from does not want to buy it for parts, then start contacting every Mimaki dealer you can find.
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    Custom profiles self-destructing?

    That makes a whole lot more sense than my wild idea. Been having an issue with a print done in October, then done again in December, and the results are drastically different. I knew that my wild conspiracy idea was nuts, so I figured asking here would get me back on the rational track, forgot...
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    Waste Disposal

    Plastic coffee can, Kitty Litter, HazMat Disposal yard in the city.
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    Honor among thieves. Who is the competition?

    Developing the gut feeling of who to trust takes a while. I tend to trust until given a reason not to when it comes to other shops, and I seem to be able to figure that out within a short conversation. It is an unspoken jedi mind trick of the old timers, and they will either teach it to you, or...