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    Need to find wholesale screenprinter

    We are currently have our signs digitally screenprinted and we are finding out that we need to shop around to good screenprinters and such going forward. We produce nearly 5000-7000 14" x 10" .060 styrene signs a year. Holes in corners and black red white on the front and same on the back, so...
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    Custom tradeshow display

    Hello, Have a client looking for a custom tradeshow display and sent a mockup of what they want. Any recommendations on what company can do this and wholesale this to us? Thank you
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    Need Designer for Boat Wrap

    Have a 2011 yamaha sx210, customer wants to wrap and I need someone with good design and creativity skills to help design it asap. That's pretty much about it, hit me up.
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    Street Spring Pole Brackets

    Looking for recommendations on the best place to buy about 40 spring base street pole brackets. thank you
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    Any Freelance Wrap Designers?

    Hey all, Looking for some help from people who know what they are doing in the design world. Have a trailer wrap need to be designed, I have the files from the last wrap and just need things redone and sized correctly to print. Need someone efficient and knowledgeable. Look forward to...
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    Emergency Issue, Zund complicated cuth routing path, how to simplify

    would you have an email address you can pm me that my designer can send you a couple more to try tonight to see if you can fix them...what you did worked awesome.
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    Emergency Issue, Zund complicated cuth routing path, how to simplify

    Appreciate this but the other problem is when using a routing tool in Zund, you have to make the shape paths the same as the diam of the bit. So if using a 1/8 bit, you have to keep the intersections at least 1/8 round or wide.
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    Emergency Issue, Zund complicated cuth routing path, how to simplify

    Hope all is well. Sorry to bug ya all but have a big last minute issue we are cutting tonight several of these. Customer’s cut file is WAY too complicated, routing on .5” ultraboard. Anyway you all know to simplify the cut path or make it so Zund doesn’t route a bunch of holes? See attached.
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    Designer needed

    Hello, You can move this post if I put it in the wrong spot but we are in need of someone to help our current designer catch up on jobs due to the workload. Not enough to hire a full time second designer but need someone who knows how things work. We currently work with Adobe products and...
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    Looking for someone to make Cabinet Sign

    See attached, I need some contacts for companies who can make this sign, just the cabinet and cap on top of the cabinet portion. Internally lit cabinet 12" deep standard divider bars as shown aluminum cap for top of cabinet mount through side and bottom of cabinet to existing concrete pad...
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    Kwik Zip / Epic Media System

    Does anyone here know if regular keder will work with the Kwik Zip / Epic Media system or if we have to buy they keder? They want us to buy an entire roll of their stuff.
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    Atlanta Installers

    Hey all, Hope this is the right place but have a pretty clean/simple job in Atlanta looking for competent installers on: Have about 6 small signs to be installed with standoffs inside an office. Have one longer interior metal sign to be applied to wall with screws and screw caps Have one...
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    Printing / Screen Printing / Pad Printing on Pool Noodles?

    Have a customer who wants to print on 1500+ pool noodles with their one color letter logo vertically on the noodle as large as possible? Anyone have any ideas or anyone ever done this or know someone who can?
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    2008 Boxster S template

    Hey all, Our templates don't have this version so trying to find out if anyone has in their templates this car? 2008 Boxster S Just need the ai or pdf file. Thanks, Chris
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    Blank panface signs

    appreciate that, already knew about Hendricks, just checking around for multiple suppliers for a couple jobs.
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    Blank panface signs

    Looking for a couple good suppliers for blank panface signs, we are located in the Midwest if that helps. Right now looking for good cost and quick turn.
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    Laminating Flat Bed Prints

    if you are printing second surface acrylic with a flatbed, prime first, print to acrylic, let sit for 24hrs and then roll white paint or simply laminate white vinyl to backside at 80 pressure, always turns out perfect JUST make sure your ink is adhering to the plastic.
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    Laminating Flat Bed Prints

    for laminating UV prints, either liquid lam or roll lam will work great. For film laminate, use Mactac's Colorguard Calendared...specifically formulated to stick to uv inks, just make sure to use a tiny bit of heat and more pressure to keep any silvering around edges to happen. for liquid...