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  1. RobGF

    New to Signs 101 from Canada!

    Greetings from Nova Scotia.
  2. RobGF

    Signs 101 mobile?

    Ah, but you were commenting on about the size of the smaller display being such that you one might go blind and not about the merits of your computer monitor. I merely pointed out that we have zoom on these devices. Is a 19" monitor a superior viewing tool for signs101. Probably. But it's a...
  3. RobGF

    Signs 101 mobile?

    You can zoom, my friend. These devices were made in the century following the manufacture of your digital printer ))))))))))))))))) Rob
  4. RobGF

    Signs 101 mobile?

    Works well from the apple product... As a matter of fact I am posting from an iPod touch right now.
  5. RobGF

    Just starting out

    If the trade show business is really your intended market, I suggest that you don't limit yourself to an eco-solvent printer. The better trade show products are typically made using aqueous ink jet printers. Right now, the HP Z6100 really seems to be popular (but it's not a sign plotter). If...
  6. RobGF

    QuarkXPress Help?

    Like Bigdawg said. Duotones are something which work better in a pre-separated workflow (an older prepress workflow). Being in large format, your workflow is composite. The duotone saves as EPS as its a format complex enough to do what needs to be done: takes one channel of raster data and...
  7. RobGF

    HP 5500UV, 60 inch..$10K ?

    Piezo aqueous heads aren't the same as thermal aqueous heads and while they are a part of the system which will fail, it's not like with an HP or Encad where the heads are considered a consumable. It's entirely realistic that that piezo head will last a few years.
  8. RobGF

    placing/opening EPS error

    Can you convert the linked pre-separated file (the DCS) to a composite EPS before you attempt to open your main document? It's 2008 and there are very few* reasons your client should be having a DCS file in their original document when almost all professional workflows are composite based. *...
  9. RobGF

    If you were to replace hp5500's what would you get

    I think the really exciting thing about the Epson isn't speed (because it's not really that impressive) but your colour options. I would think that with good colour management with the additional O and G channels, you'd be able to hit a lot more Pantone colours than with a traditional CMYK (or...
  10. RobGF

    If you were to replace hp5500's what would you get

    Go right ahead and get it. Be prepared for your decals and truck doors to fail. This is not an outdoor printer. Sure, some might argue that you can buy certain media with it and lamination and you may get a few years. But I doubt it. The media you buy is also going to be "speciality coated" all...
  11. RobGF

    If you were to replace hp5500's what would you get

    He got the Epson GS6000 solvent. Word on the street is that it is really impressive for solvent technology. The 9880 is a great printer but even more so a niche printer than the Hp5500 and z6100 which have been discussed in this thread. You want to do fine art? Great choice. You want to do...
  12. RobGF

    If you were to replace hp5500's what would you get

    Word on the street is that new Epson solvent does a very nice job. A competitor of mine just installed one and he's raving about it... and he's a serious player so his evaluation seems valid to me. It's not super fast like the HP Z6100 but the colours should rock for solvent as it's running an...
  13. RobGF

    If you were to replace hp5500's what would you get

    The Z6100 does have much nicer image quality and is quite a bit faster (read lots faster). Great for trade show applications, posters, etc. You'd be hard pressed to find a UV curable or solvent/ecosolvent that has the same quality level. Yes, aqueous isn't as versatile as UV curable or...
  14. RobGF

    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hi, from the other end of Nova Scotia.
  15. RobGF

    Computer Rip Station Question

    What's a regular computer? Is the question do you need to have something souped up to handle a new printer? Perhaps, perhaps not. Wasatch will have specs on their site as to their minimum requirements on their website and that's perhaps a good start. In my experience, you want a fair amount of...
  16. RobGF

    how to multiply in AI.

    If you want a zillion, do what Fred suggested. If you want a few, draw your object and select it. From there you can go to OBJECT, TRANSFORM, MOVE. From there you can enter in distances and angles for a movement OR a copy. One the object has been copied once, OBJECT, TRANSFORM AGAIN (Command-D...
  17. RobGF

    illustrator problem NOT FOR NEWBIES

    It's a neat idea but it doesn't matter. The interpreter can handle x amount of steps. Sending a zillion steps just means the interpreter will average them down to the amount that it can handle. I mention x steps because certain interpreters have patches to go beyond what Adobe has santioned but...
  18. RobGF

    illustrator problem NOT FOR NEWBIES

    PostScript supports only so many steps in change. If your gradient is going from 100% spot to 50% spot and this is to happen over, let's say, 50' PostScript would see about 126 steps and those steps would be visible obvious. Now that's the perfect world. Given the fact that the tonal range of...
  19. RobGF

    UGHHHHH!!!! HELP Please???

    Looks kinda like what happens when Illustrator interprets an old Freehand EPS which doesn't have the editable component embedded.
  20. RobGF

    A Shriner's logo

    You could download the standard Shrine crest from BotW and spend five minutes doing some basic edits...