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  1. SoCal

    54” Summa S2-140T

    I have the same one. I only use it for short runs. I get tracking issues on anything over 4' length if it has to advance and rewind too much. Other than that it's a great work horse. Luckily I have a Summa FB1612 for the larger stuff. Tech support is usually very easy to get ahold of...
  2. SoCal

    Font Help A little help please...

    Doing work for his gas station and this is the best the guy could give me :eek:. Could I get help with both fonts from the masters please? TIA
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    Need Help HP Latex 360 with bulk

    That error code is a line sensor communication error. If a hard reset doesn't work and you feel comfortable self repairing then see if you can re-seat the plug. If you can't get it or don't feel comfortable doing it then you will need to get a tech in there to replace or reseat it
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    Media for stencilled decal

    You want vinyl and transfer tape. Vinyl goes into the plotter to cut your graphic and after you weed it you transfer tape it.
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    Font ID needed

    Thank you for the help!
  6. SoCal

    Font ID needed

    Blurry picture of a computer screen and this is the best my customer could supply me with. TIA!
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    Font ID Please

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Cluster ....

    We reuse old panels when customers try to be really cheap. They don't save that much money due to the labor involved but penny pinchers don't care. We do not, however, farm that crap out to other companies - especially not hiding the details like that! We usually make them bring it to us too...
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    Summa S2 T140 Feeding Rollers Malfunctioning

    Ours does that with 3M Electrocut Black. We have to trip the sensor in the front with a scrap of white vinyl or paper to get it to stop. not sure if its the same problem you're having but this is or procedure: load vinyl, then as it rolls back we pass a piece of vinyl or paper to trip the...
  10. SoCal

    HP Scitex 500 - removing white option

    I want to remove the white ink option from my Scitex 500. I just don't use it much and the automatic cleaning cycle is wasting more ink than I print per ink box. I am very handy and tech-y. I do all the maintenance on my solvent and latex printers. Wondering if anybody has done this...
  11. SoCal

    CorelDraw: Combine Tool

    I use X5 so i wouldn't know about newer versions but this has been an issue on all of the previous versions I used too. Another trick is to work in wireframe mode so the GPU isn't working quite as hard! It might just be a limitation of the PC build you are using. I've also had luck copying...
  12. SoCal

    CorelDraw: Combine Tool

    Like others said: create boundary tool or reduce nodes. Maybe both. I you really want to use the weld combine tool you can do a few shapes at a time instead of all of them at once.
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    What do you use to dust off prints?

    We use one and its just like the rest of these options. It does not get everything and static will still screw up your lams no matter how many passes you give it. It does have a slightly tacky surface and is easily cleaned by rolling it over scraps of vinyl with the adhesive side up. As for...
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    Nice Office Door Sign - Need some suggestions...

    Just ignore the braille and add something else
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    Used HP L25500 & Errors, should I buy it?

    It's a great work horse and easy to fix yourself. If you get a good enough price get both and do the repairs yourself- but only if you have the time and patience. These are old and support through HP is gone. I've personally done a ink line replacements, Service Kits, and Encoder Strip...
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    Is Flexi the only RIP for HP Printers?

    We use Wasatch for our latex 360
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    FONT HELP "BIG 10"

    Not an exact match for the #1 but that can be altered... Square721 BdEx and looks like a silver contour was added to it
  18. SoCal

    Need Help L25500 Installing New Carriage Belt

    Good luck! It's not that hard of a procedure you'll do just fine!
  19. SoCal

    Hp Fb500 Color

    Hi guys! Just wondering what your results were... I'm having red issues too on the used FB500 I just picked up. I replaced all printheads and am still getting dull reds. I have Onyx Production house