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    Need help to print from W/7 to Cj500

    Bump because I might be facing this soon as well.
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    S'Rex's son

    Add my hopes and prayers to the list.
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    report joe 4/23

    What everyone said! Great News! And thanks to all that are keeping us informed.
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    Up Date on OP . We WOULD miss you.

    I have no words.... Just an odd sense of loss for a man I never really met. He is missed already.
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    Old Paint in Hosp..

    Add good thoughts from me. Get better soon OP.
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    United States, Washington - Ocean Park

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? United States In what state or province are you located? Washington In what city or town are you located? Ocean Park What large city is nearest you? Astoria, Ore Check all items that apply to your listingInstallations (Basic, no...
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    After almost seven years, calling it quits

    Wow Chris.. Sad to hear it! I owe you much for the help and advice you gave me 'way back when'. Be sure to keep in touch! Maybe now you can get a chance to take a break and get down here to the beach and say hi. Take care! Bob P.
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    Any RC Flyers here?

    rcboats flies as well, and he got me into it. Lots of good advice above as well. I started on a GWS slow-stick after many hours with a simulator. I also joined a local club and got lots of help from them. Just make sure you have room for all the planes you will end up with! Cheers & Merry...
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    CJ-500 info?

    Well, I'm glad I got mine. But I'm sure it's not for every shop. You are aware of the pigment inks vs solvent I'm sure. It's old enough that profiles seem to be an issue, but actually I haven't done enough to really know that for sure. I haven't found any others to compare with what I...
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    CJ-500 info?

    Frank, Thanks for the input. I'll continue to dig around and see what I can find. And welcome to Signs101! Bob P.
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    CJ-500 info?

    Having recently acquired a CJ-500. It’s time to pick the brains of those that have used them for a while. First, what are the differences between the CJ-500 and the CJ-540? I found a service manual for a 540, and assume that even if not exact, the information should be basically the same...
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    Preventing customer proof theft

    I was lucky enough to win a copy of signproofpro at the NW meet. I haven't used it 'for real' yet, but did do some playing with it. I does not permit screen shots, and sure looks to me like it will do exactly what you are looking to do. The only question is assuring whoever is getting...
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    My first post!

    :Welcome: to :signs101: Glad you made it! :clapping: Bob P.
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    New in Pacific Northwest

    :Welcome: You missed a great opportunity at the get together last weekend! Where about are you located? Cheers! Bob P.
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    Maintenance Station?

    Well, that issue is now moot.... But my thanks to all for the input! Bob P.
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    Maintenance Station?

    I am contemplating the purchase of a used Mutoh Prismjet. The seller says it needs a maintenance station. My searches here mention cleaning stations, capping stations, maintenance stations, all kind of stations..... Are these different words for the same thing? How difficult is the...
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    I must assume this is Rapid from the village up the road... Greetings and welcome! You with a 'pre-school' rating somehow just ain't right.. :) Glad you are joining us! Bob
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    Flexi, LXI....what is the difference?

    :rolleyes: Like I said.. I could't speak for how well it worked.... :Oops: Thanks! Bob P.
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    Flexi, LXI....what is the difference?

    I have LXi Master Plus. I do think it has Print/RIP. At least the help documents do speak of it. Not having a wide format printer I can't speak for how it works. Bob P.
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    About our New Heat Master Press

    Steve, I've tried a couple inkjet transfers, and like you, am still in the testing phase. The pressure is a matter of 'feel', as near as I can learn. Mine was set about right as delivered. (The best instructions I found was clamp a dollar bill (in a cold press) about half way. You...