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    FC7000 130 Questions

    from Graphtec. 1. What do the numbers on the Blade force stand for, are they Gram weight of the blade or are the just settings for whatever weight graphtec factory set. They stand for approximately 15 grams per step. 2 Is the quality setting the same as smoothing or is something else...
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    Die Cut

    If you go to our website under support (, at the bottom right of the page is a video that can show you how this can be done on the FC7000. It is a feature called Perf Line. This show how you can use the plug-in to accomplish this. Make sure you have the latest...
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    How would you set this up? Mutoh Falcon and Graphtec CE5000-120

    Use Cutting Master 2. Hi Bogie, Go to our web site and click on SUPPORT. On the lower right hand side of the page is a link to print and cut videos using cutting master 2. There you will be shown how to setup your Illustrator or CorelDraw to print and cut. BTW...
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    FC5100 - 130 error 1

    Check the command setting. If for some reason the cutter is in GPGL, an ERROR 1 is going to appear. Although it may write strange character up the side. Press MENU, NEXT key until INTERFACE shows, press F1, Press F4 COMMAND. If the asterisk is by the GPGL switch it to HPGL. Neal Graphtec.
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    Contour Cutting Perforated Window Film

    Rod, Give us more detail. What version? Any upgrade costs etc. etc? Thanks Neal Baessler Graphtec
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    new machine is driving me crazy

    Neil, Thanks for the report. GOOD NEWS is that the engineers have duplicated the problem and should have a fix by the end of this month!!! BTW Bob ... I meant to mention that you were dead on about the plotter causing this error when the plotter is going in the -X direction. Neal...
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    CE-3000 60 problems

    Hi Richard, Yes, I am the one who talked with you over the phone. Under the Options page look for Matrix Copy. Click on the box and I believe everything in there is self explanatory. Neal.
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    new machine is driving me crazy

    Hi Neil, I talked with some of our engineers last night about this problem and they suggested that if you have stand, you should mount the brackets on the stand rather than the head. This way it will lower the roll of vinyl allowing the vinyl to cover the sensor. It will also lessen the effect...
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    Follow On From Im In Trouble Please Help!

    James, I tried to look for a manual for you but they have discontinued them. I will keep looking for you. Neal
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    new machine is driving me crazy

    Neil, Unfortunately you can't. I have reported this issue to the engineers. You are welcome to email me for an answer. Neal.
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    What is the best set up for Graphtec?

    If you are using FlexiSign 7.6v2 you may want to consider updating your firmware to 6.01 before you order the cable. The 6.01 firmware made the USB communications better. if you email me I can forward this firmware to you. Neal.
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    CE-3000 60 problems

    You can download the CS2 from our link, or I can email it to you. Feel free to call me at 800-854-8385 x 1119 Neal
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    What is the best set up for Graphtec?

    Two way communication can be had with USB as well but it depends upon whether the software you are using. What software are you using?
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    new machine is driving me crazy

    Implementation of your suggestions Neil or anyone for that matter, I would be happy to take your suggestions and see if we can get them implemented. My email address is I have reported that issue about being able to continue with a job even when the sensor...