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    laminating issues - Boat Waking

    “100% of laminating issues are due to user error” -Laminator Manufacturers There is a black art to laminating, but as stated above the first step is to adjust the machine.
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    Structural drawings should be available at the local planning office. Good luck getting cooperation from them...
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    Freaking Stupid Dell botches the new XPS 17

    Why ask so much from a laptop. Build a proper tower and it will handle any load.
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    Can all RIPs "combine" jobs into one larger job?

    I can confirm that Colorgate has a function like you describe. You combine multiple jobs and can manually or automatically arrange the layout. It is called “Container” in Colorgate speak.
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    The horse has been beaten to death so many times but here goes again. Make you own linearization and calibration profile.
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    Touchless door opener

    Finger condoms.
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    Laser level

    Lasers are great. You can check existing conditions quickly by yourself and align over distances easier than a water level or transit since the line is on the wall.
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    Question Caulk / Silcone Tube Gun

    Sausage gun if going manual
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    Suggestions Which Windows Desktop Computer To Run Flexi?

    Is Win 10 still considered “bloatware” or “crapware”? It’s the one piece of adware you can’t uninstall and still have a functioning winbox.
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    News So Long Latex 792 and LX610 Inks...

    The 360 is HP abandoning latex?
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    Does color bars on side include LM and LC?

    Not sure about Onyx, but I can confirm that Colorgate provides color bars for all 6 channels on the HP.
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    Calling All HP latex owners

    It’s a sign printer, intended for normal signage viewing distances of several feet or more.
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    What the #$&% is up with new notebook computers in 2019?

    If it is for home why not just a traditional desktop machine? Cheaper and more power than a laptop and you can build your own.
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    Seriously... How Long can sign crooks last???

    Shoot straight and avoid the gallows.
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    RIP Taking forever, How do I know its working???

    Add ram, use SSD scratch disks and make sure your RIP is configured correctly.
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    Summa DC5 printer

    contact Phil at Airmark
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    Frustrated on blade/cutting strip changes

    I do a calibration after blade change and then a test cut or two when changing media to get the correct depth. Takes moments, not sure why you are having so much grief. If flex cutting, the blade gets extended more. You have to appreciate the fine control and simplicity. As the blade wears, you...
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    Scissor Lift in Car Dealership showroom tile breaking

    I would still put down plywood if using scaffold in the off-chance you drop a tool or scaffold section.
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    Anyone have the Roll Up add on?

    We have it. It only rolls up after the current job is finished cutting. Not sure if paneling causes it to roll up mid-job but my recollection is that it waits for the job to finish. You have to properly route the media to the take-up or it won’t work. I attach a 4’ leader to the take-up core to...
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    Scissor Lift in Car Dealership showroom tile breaking

    If the tiles were installed with air voids they can deflect and crack. Run into this a lot down this way due to the combination of cheap tiles and poor installs. An off-road scissor lift with pneumatic tires would probably spread the load like a car tire as compared to a standard roller wheel. I...