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    OEM/Stock Boat Graphics

    I do agree, just don't sell yourself short. There can be a lot of time wrapped up in designing them. I usually ball park them on the high side and tell them that recreating is a time consuming project so that they can decide if its worth it to them.
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    OEM/Stock Boat Graphics

    What I have found is most of the time a boat finds its way to my shop, the factory stuff is long since discontinued. I'm so busy, I usually tell them to try to find OEM if they are available.
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    What the font??

    The L is from a different font, but the rest is SignDNA BeanSprout
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    Blurry photo font help, kind of a script

    That looks pretty close. Thanks!
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    replacing one panel

    The likelihood that the file you create will line up perfectly, the colors match and it not look like a patch is not very good. I would live with the scratches until it is time to re-wrap it.
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    Blurry photo font help, kind of a script

    Hey font helpers, I'm sorry for the low quality photo, but I'm hoping someone here can recognize it. Thanks in advance!
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    Not cutting through vinyl on one side

    If it just started out of no where, it's in the machine. It could be a cut carriage cable or encoder strip, so cleaning or replacing them will get everything back to normal. If it became a gradual problem, the cutting strip would be a great place to start. Also, if you are using Versaworks...
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    Suggestions Billboard in and outs

    If I am understanding correctly, you need to reface a billboard and construct a new one? I reface them all the time, and there is nothing to it, essentially a banner with pole pockets. There are plenty of vendors on this site that can print one for you. As for the construction of a new...
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    Is 751C out of stock?

    I've been seeing it on a few colors, but no problems on white in particular. You would probably have better luck with a 50 yd roll in white.
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    Adding "stucco" to ACM?

    I bet dryvit brand would stick to it, and you can either buy it as a certain color, or paint it. They also have different textures. Anytime I am using it, I go to my local stucco installer and get a bucket of their leftovers that they eventually throw away.
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    Striping Vendors? (Gregory Alternative)

    I think Universal Products offers stripes, along with Evermark
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    Cutting galvanized traffic posts

    Porta Bands are awesome tools to have. You will find way more uses for them than you think you will.
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    Cutting galvanized traffic posts

    Good catch, steel is probably what he is referring to. In that case, abrasive saw, bandsaw, cold cut saw or something along those lines.
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    Cutting galvanized traffic posts

    Regular fine tooth blade on a chop saw will cut them, but I would also get a better blade if doing many. Hacksaw, bandsaw, sawzall will all do the job though. How many are we talking about?
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    Office Depot has a large format printer? Good riddance.

    You went from 50 an hour to $1200? I think I would have told them I was unable to help them at this time rather than make yourself look bad with an astronomical quote. I know you said you had to rent a lift, but when you say "hang a banner" out loud, does 1200 not sound a little high?
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    Need Help Anyone knows a font that looks similar to this?

    I kinda like Black Chancery for something similar.
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    Western Looking (not Playbill) font

    Thank you Mr. Fred
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    Western Looking (not Playbill) font

    Does anyone happen to know what this is by chance. Thanks!
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    Wall Graphics vinyl...

    Does anyone else get tired of wall graphics? I've had several failures with wall graphics in the past and just am not a fan of doing them anymore. I rarely do them as many other local shops are cheaper for that stuff than me, but today's paint is just not conducive for wall vinyl. I know that...
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    Buying New or Used

    I voted used, but it depends on the machine, and the circumstances. I have bought new and used printers, new and used plotters, new and used tools, but all of my aerial equipment has been used as the price of entry is more than I can stomach for the amount of income they bring in for me. For...