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    Some things won't combine in Corel

    How does one learn how to do this^^^ I"ve been paying a fella from India to make custom macros for me.
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    Font help

    It's close but not perfect. I will modify it to work. Thank you.
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    Opinion Corel Draw 2021

    Maybe I'll wait for 2022 ???
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    Question Coreldraw forums

    There are a couple good facebook groups for Corel.
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    CorelDraw - layers / pages - easiest way to deal with them

    I love layers. Currently on 2018. Leary of upgrading to 2021.
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    Font help

    Does anyone recognize this font for "nationwide" TIA.
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    Font ID>>

    Thank you!!!
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    Font ID>>

    Anyone happen to know this one?
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    Font Identification

    This is a tricky one I think, the S is unique so may be easy for someone??? Thanks!
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    Font ID Help...

    Thank you!
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    Font ID Help...

    Looking to figure out what this Jeffrey's is???
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    Font ID

    Anyone recognize this one? Thanks in advance!
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    Script Font Help

    Does anyone happen to recognize this one? Thanks!
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    Font Identifications>>

    Wow thanks so much!!! That was fast!
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    Font Identifications>>

    Would anyone happen to know either of the fonts in this logo? Thank you! Have a great day!
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    Question Artwork ownership

    Ok... to go a little deeper... I sold graphics to a customer for their SXS off-road vehicle. They posted the installed pics online. I saved the pics from their FB posting, and put them up on my website. The fella turned around whining that he didn't give me permission to use said pics, and...
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    How to do this?

    Owner said he'd take care of the removal, and that definitely seems like the most difficult part of the job. Thanks for the tips.
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    How to do this?

    another photo
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    How to do this?

    I have a local that wants to replace these stripes on both sides of this truck due to fading. The the truck is painted bllack and also the lower portion is also painted gray. The gray is painted up to the edge of the silver stripe. What would be the best approach for this? I've never done...
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    Font ID... Western type?

    Thank You Fred!