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    How we clean screens at FireSprint

    Worked in screenprinting for 40 years or better. Still have a high tolerance for solvents and cleaners. We mostly were steel andaluminum printers. Milder solvents than vinyls or plastics. Cleaning screens is always the worst job. Sloppy and dirty. Glad to be out of it.
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    Need some conversion help

    Thanks for the responses Think I have it converted now with Jim's help from Storm Signs. Hate to have everyone offer to help when it has been taken care of already. Thanks for all the offers though. You can count on the fine folks here. Kerry
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    Need some conversion help

    For the first time in about 4 years, we were given a .cdr file. Of course this is the only file they have and do not have a way to convert it to .eps either. I cannot justify the software for only 1 file in 4 years. Wondering if someone with CorelDraw can open and convert this to an .eps or .ai...
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    What would you do if you "accidentally" named your company?

    Just remember that ING has changed their name to VEYO. They are probably a little larger than you and have been in business longer as well. As long as you can use your current website to explain and direct them to a new site with a new name, I don't think you will have that much of a problem...
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    How many employees do you have / How long have you been in the business?

    20 right now, need another 2 or three. Company has been around since 1897 and family owned since late 60's. Been with the company since 76.
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    Does anyone use Tangential cutters.

    We have both tangential and drag knife plotters. They both have their place with the tangential being better for small detail. You get straighter lines in small copy. The drag knife is a bit faster just because is doesn't lift as often. On larger images the quality can be a wash.
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    Just because you're an Artist doesn't mean you're a Sign Maker

    One of my favorites is someone who has only designed for either newspaper ads or worse magazine ads. When they send you a file it has like 8 different fonts and they are all very light weight. Then they put it all on a light background with a white stroke around the letters that is nearly the...
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    Gerber 4B

    Times change We started with the Signmaker 3 then moved up to the 4B and eventually to a Sprint. After that we moved up to a Sign-Tronic unit with a Wild flatbed. That was a world of change. Still kept the Sprint for vinyl work but shifted all of our other work to the new system. Abandoned the...
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    a "SIGN" spring is coming

    I went to school in Atlanta back in '73 when they had the worst ice storm in over 25 years. The city was paralized then as well. Except for all the Ohio transplants. We were all out on the streets driving around and having a good time. Was nothing out of the ordinary for us.
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    Flexi Rants

    Been using Flexi since early 1994. Used Sign-Tronic before that. Used 5.8 for years and had very little problems with it. Clean looking and accurate. Finally upgraded to 7.5 after Amiable bought them out. Never the same program. Looked sketchy and pixelated. Got used to it and now when I need to...
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    M&R or Anatol??? Someone please make up my mind!!

    Never really had any exposure to Anatol but have been running 5 M&R's for a number of years and found them to be workhorses. Easy to set and run. Repeatable day after day. Never had a question about the quality of the machine or service which we have had very little need of. Just my 2 cents.
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    Font help please

    Looks to be Humanist 531
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    prestone font

    Kind of looks a little older like maybe it was hand drawn and cut. I have seen that style used on a lot of old signage we made in the 50's and 60's. All were drawn freehand and hand cut stencils. The Anti-freeze looks like it started out as Optima and got a little thicker in the process. I...
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    ID please.....

    If you have not found it yet, maybe try Exotic 350 or some variation of that. It seems to have some rounding on the corners though.
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    Jeti parts from Agfa Guess how much..

    Regardless of the price charged, you should have at least gotten the lube and maybe dinner first.
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    Franklin gothic book condensed?

    Looks like Alternate Gothic to me. The strokes don't seem to be deformed.
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    Did not want to hijack your thread since you are looking for information but just wanted to say...

    Did not want to hijack your thread since you are looking for information but just wanted to say welcome to the forum and I think your name is a clever choice. Good music too. You will find a lot of help here.
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    Font Help Please

    If indeed it was hand lettered and it looks that way, you probably could get by with Serpentine.
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    Gold Rush...don't hate me.

    Wait a minute! I'd pay money to see that show.