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  1. logomotive

    A real test

    Well, I'm pretty sure it's a font also ( a badly kerned one).
  2. logomotive

    hello from this FNG

    Welcome, from Roseville CA. I'm still an FNG also.
  3. logomotive

    Just wanted to say hello..!

    Hey Bradster, were in preschool! maybe we can learn a thing or 2 from the head honchos.
  4. logomotive

    New 2 signs

    Scott, ah shucks yer embaraskin me... thanks though I'll eat it up . Looks like you have one of the most important things to make it "passion". you sound as if you like what you do and that's a promising thing believe me. Yeah I also continue to learn everyday thats 's why I'm here trying to...
  5. logomotive

    New 2 signs

    Thanks All, it's nice to be welcomed. And thanks for the nice comments.
  6. logomotive

    New 2 signs

    Thanks Michael!
  7. logomotive

    New 2 signs

    I have Been lurking for a few weeks and thought I'd join so I can see how everythings done in signage. I do not know much about sign making,. just ( design layouts) but I'd sure love to learn and thought this is a GREAT place to start. Theres some very talented people here. Guys and Gals:U Rock: