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  1. johnnysigns

    Applying Vinyl Graphics to vehicles w/Ceramic Coating on Paint

    If seen folks use propane torches to flash windows that were ceramic coated and it seemed to remove the coating. No idea if it would work on paint, but it's worth testing out.
  2. johnnysigns

    AGL 6400 Nip roller replacement

    Take great care when you pull the roller out and take lots of pictures/video of the process. I bought a used AGL laminator after it had the rollers refurbished and it's got some slop in the top roller now which will skew long mounting runs. We've done everything we could to remediate that, but...
  3. johnnysigns

    Question "hardest" pvc product?

    Komacel is the exterior grade PVC with the smooth glossy surfaces. Komatex is the lighter grade PVC with has a light pebbly finish. It appears move satin or matte looking.
  4. johnnysigns

    Using Shift Effect/Color Change Cast wrap film on acrylic?

    We use "wrap" vinyl a lot for the finishes/effects on display programs quite a bit. Oracal's adhesive is aggressive, so I think you're in good shape.
  5. johnnysigns

    Recommended Router Bits

    We're using Onsrud and some Amana tooling. Apples to apples, we've found the Onsrud bits to last much, much longer than Amana tools. We're playing close attention to chipload/feed rates/RPM and cut quality.
  6. johnnysigns

    Gerber 408 CNC Spoil/Waste Board Tips?

    On our old Gerber we stripped the PVC OEM bed and double sided tape for high density MDF that we glued down using a construction adhesive. We then ran the drill pattern w/out pockets through the dense MDF. On occasion we'd put a low density MDF spoil board on top if we needed a heavy through...
  7. johnnysigns

    Question Cnc purchase options

    I have a used 408 in North NJ if you want to look at it. Machine came offline in working condition. We upgraded to a new machine with options that better suit our current products.
  8. johnnysigns

    Biesse Plast Line

    We were pretty far into consideration of the Shop Sabre's, but I was rather nervous adding vision and knife capabilities that the more expensive brands (AXYZ and Multicam) do so well. It's honestly been my biggest hang up with the SS machines. I think if we were only looking for a beefy CNC...
  9. johnnysigns

    HP Scitex or R1000

    I agree with Bill, there's lots of offerings for LED UV machines that are solid machines.
  10. johnnysigns

    Rant Hating UPS this morning

    I feel your pain. Especially with overnights as well since they won't honor any time commitments.
  11. johnnysigns

    Biesse Plast Line

    We were pretty settled on an AXYZ Trident or Multicam Ap3xr but Covid sunk those plans with the business slow down. Things have picked up so we're on the hunt again.
  12. johnnysigns

    Is Vanguard a good printer? Which model is recommended?

    To print vinyl you're going to have to either sheet the material to the table bed or rig up a roll setup to feed and take up the prints on rolled stuff. The guys here print whole rolls with some odds and ends to feed and take up the material. They just manually advance each bed onto a take up...
  13. johnnysigns

    Durst buys Vanguard!

    We run a Vanguard and we weren't nervous about the news. If anything I think it would expand their service, support and consumables working with Durst.
  14. johnnysigns

    Vanguard Flatbed

    We only have a single white head with 2 channels and not the dual heads with 4 channels, but it's slow. We do not run the standard inkset so that could potentially help. You can also run the color on a 4 pass and come back and do the white with whatever you need for opacity at the slower speed.
  15. johnnysigns

    What bit should i use to cut corrugated plastic on cnc?

    We use these speeds at different depths for either perimeter/through cuts or scores for folding at a lesser depth. I believe I got some of this info many years ago on here from Typestries who was nice enough to share it. If you're comfortable with your machine moving at faster feed rates you...
  16. johnnysigns

    What bit should i use to cut corrugated plastic on cnc?

    Higher feed rates seems to help on coro. A new sharp tool also really helps. I can dig up feed rates we've used from our CNC if you need a baseline.
  17. johnnysigns

    Large Format Building Banner Install

    We've been using Signcomp extrusion based banner frames. 24ft is their limit in one length, but my understanding is you can bridge pieces together for longer lengths.
  18. johnnysigns

    Need Help saber 408

    Try unplugging and replugging the cable into the top of the spindle first. Sometimes we have to reseat ours for it to fire. Tony's recommendations are spot on if that fails.
  19. johnnysigns

    CNC Routing Clear Acrylic

    There's feed rate calculators you can search for online. We just cross reference the chipload of the tool for the given diameter you're using in the specific material. It's pretty simply math: chipload x RPM x # of flutes to get your feed rates.