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  1. Help with font

    Ok - font fanatics. Asking for a little help identifying this one. "What The Font" and "What Font Is" don't find it and FindMyFont struck out. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Brush stroke canvas

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a company who makes an inkjet printable canvas that has a brushstroke texture on it? Thanks in advance! Sean
  3. 3D Cube structure need produced

    Thanks. Reached out to them.
  4. Canon Colorado M Series.

    Anyone having any issues running various self-adhesive vinyls on their M5 yet? We have two of them in two locations. Just curious as to what others are seeing? Any other issues you have with the machine? We are not thrilled about the voodoo technique they want you to believe as far as machine...
  5. 3D Cube structure need produced

    Can you send me your contact at massivit? Thanks!
  6. 3D Cube structure need produced

    I have reached out to two different large format 3D print companies and waiting on quotes from them. There is no "product" inside of it, so it will not move. I do want it pretty heavy to discourage someone from trying to walk off with it easily. I had also considered gluing together ACM pieces...
  7. 3D Cube structure need produced

    Hello all, Does anyone have the skill or know who to turn to to make a large 3D cube out of whatever material works best to achieve what is shown in the photo? I have reached out to the foam prop guys and large 3D printer companies with not much interest in attempting. I have a feeling that...
  8. Did anybody else get a Signs 365 surprise?

    Mine came in with a nice scratch right through the white and CMYK ink. Not real good quality control if you are trying to sell a new capability
  9. 3M Dichroic film

    Thanks, guys!
  10. 3M Dichroic film

    Hello all, Does anyone have any experience using 3M Dichroic film for projects? Is anyone aware of any competitive products that give a similar look?
  11. FREE printer if you want it

    Q5-500 flatbed
  12. FREE printer if you want it

    It is the 4x8 version. They custom made this one for me with 16 heads in it when the Q5 first came out.
  13. FREE printer if you want it

    Hello all, I have an older model CET Q5 with 16-head configuration and open slots for white. I am no longer in the production business and the printer is just sitting in storage. Would need all new heads. I am in Charlotte, NC and before I call a hauling company to come get it I thought I would...
  14. Delivery/tracking software

    Hello all, we are looking for a new solution for a delivery/tracking software program that our installers can use to get detailed job information for when they go onsite to do installs (or just drop something off and get a signature). We currently use a product called DeTrack to do this as we...
  15. Direct Print To Aluminum vs Vinyl Application?

    Direct print to ACM or straight aluminum is for the most part a temporary solution depending on environmental factors and how long they need to last. I've seen ink just turn to powder and then fall off ACM after less than a year. If going direct, at least get the digital ACM. Ink adheres better...
  16. Lenticular display with fins

    Yeah, you can go to youtube and look up lenticular displays and we have a bunch of the triangle ones on there that we (Heritage Signs and Displays) have done and we get requests every week to make more. They are a logistical pain in the butt to make and install. The fin type would ship alot...
  17. Lenticular display with fins

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with manufacturing the fin type of lenticular display? I can figure out how to make it - seems pretty straightforward. My question is how do you determine the distance between each fin to gain the optimal image viewing? Do you need to distort the image to...
  18. Banner rails

    Hello, Does anyone have experience mounting banner rails for vinyl banners to the sides of buildings for changeable banner system? Looking for recommendation of which system is best for install and creating tension in the banner and ease of changing out. What are some of the pitfalls to look...
  19. Installer recommendations for Miami, FL area

    Sent you a DM back. Need your contact info.
  20. Installer recommendations for Miami, FL area

    Hello all, Looking for an installer in the Miami, FL area to help with an interior graphics project with cut adhesive vinyl, dimensional letters and wall wraps. Looking for personal experience recommendations of some one who is trustworthy and reliable and will represent the company they are...