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  1. Just hadda share this one.......................................................

    customes do NOT NEED anything on a certain time....they WANT on a certain time
  2. what adhesive laser cut plastic install

    vhb tape here also, thats what I would use
  3. Advice for billboard style sign materials

    3mm would just fine 6mm would be better, max metal
  4. Install halo lit letters on wood fence?

    I wouldnt do it...fence will look like crap one day not to mention shrinking of wood and the view from other side. BUT customers know best so price that thing up
  5. Copying Vintage Old Logo labels for restoring old equipment

    when I reproduce something of this nature I redo the fonts , not as a whole word but each individual letter. It is time consuming but once done, its done. I use flexisign and do a wireframe over the old logos to better manipulate. My dad worked at the dairy below and I vectored that logo off...
  6. Display lightboxes - would anyone use static cling as only printed graphic layer

    I love it when architects play sign people...and to date, Ive never seen them do a good job of it. I will assume the the faces can be removable? If so I would suggest prints on clear think duratrans that would slide in on top of existing faces that way they could be changed out more easily...

    here it is free cause aint nobody wanna pay for fonts! https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Birthstone+Bounce
  8. Urgent Help 2

    IMO drop the mirrored letter, this aint no disco and mirrored letters are a bi-tch to read. They need to be a solid color possibly black
  9. Need input on which kind of Computer is the best to use for Designing.

    i run dell xps, used system, I buy all used computers, windows 10 (hated to but had to get that) i7-4770 processor, 16365MB memory, run illustrator, flexisigns , photoshop No updates on operating system and no antivirus, no defender, updates are what ruins computers, run like all the other XPS...
  10. Question about "Brand Guidelines"

    do the art do the sign not your problem your not an attorney
  11. What is the best brand of vinyle film adhesive you ever used ?

    I use nothing but oracal 751 for everything EXCEPT interior walls are 651, never had issues, cuts great weeds awesome
  12. Trial Vertion won't leave

    Im also running cs5...I DO NOT allow my illustrator to by registered and I dont have it commected online anywhere (as far as program itself. Mayybe disconnect the internet and then reinstall and go into setting and stop all activity from accessing the program. This is just another BS ploy from...
  13. Can anyone help identify this font?

    the dentist must have hired a wrap shop to design that! wrong fonts for that type business
  14. Considering hiring a full-time salesperson. Any advice?

    other sign compnaies here have had them, i wouldnt waste the time. The best sign salesman is the owner or someone that knows how to make signs
  15. Sign software

    so you got flexiprint? was it a disk or downloaded? Dont know why they wont help BUT I found on on ebay...
  16. security signs wholesale

    these guys do my security signs https://signmaster.com they are aluminum and they can drill holes and laminate, they are awesome
  17. 3 Sign Shops Closed

    Im all about staying small and always have been. I like things to be done with less stress and people will stress you out! In my later years (the past 15) I have taken the attitude of "you will wait or you can go elsewhere!" I no longer allow customers to dictate my time schedule. I have...
  18. Looking for some assistance on backlit cabinet.

    send this to http://www.letterfab.com and Im sure they can assist you with this
  19. Rant Customer Rant

    this right here! handle your people, do not let them dictate to you their urgency and lack of action. tell them a deadline for them t get art from you and then screw um if they dont make it. Customers are ALWAYS in a hurry until its time for them to get crap together to get order out, dont...
  20. PVC Adhesives

    pvc glue and primer available at home stores