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  1. Craigslist - Your Opinion

    This sounds like fun.... I thought I'd post a picture of my hand. Any observations ?? I'm going out on a limb and say that 99% of those that viewed the original picture only noticed the machine for sale. LOL
  2. Help with a Font

    Thank you Fred.
  3. Help with a Font

    Can anyone help me to identify this font? Much appreciated!!!
  4. Just In My new bucket truck

    nice rig.
  5. Can we talk "Race Car" graphics?

    I was checking them out a few weeks ago. I haven't bought from them so I can't recommend, but their stuff looks interesting.
  6. FB group

    I was wondering if anyone here belongs to the Facebook group "3D Models for CNC" ? If so, have you bought their "200 GB" "package"? Whats your feedback?
  7. Vinyl adhesion to screen print ink?

    Transfer tape would never lift the ink. If it did, then you have bigger problems. As for your calendered vinyl to coro...... how long did they last? thanks Marie.
  8. Vinyl adhesion to screen print ink?

    ps. We have only seen a picture of these. They are yet to arrive from the manufacturer. How many of the 51 views to this thread thought to themselves......why doesn't he throw a piece of vinyl on there and test it himself? ya'all have a super day.
  9. Vinyl adhesion to screen print ink?

    Can anyone tell me how well adhesive vinyl (engineer grade reflective to be specific) sticks to a full cover coat of screen print ink? These are metal realtor signs that were skinned with reflective vinyl, then screened printed . When they were screen printed, instead of leaving a blank area...
  10. So how strong is this adhesive? LOL

    If Tex couldn't get his sign off the floor, whats the chance this "snotty nose couch climber" is going to budge it? Chances are, he will slice his finger trying, and hit you up with a claim on your insurance))))))
  11. So how strong is this adhesive? LOL

    I probably would have stayed the entire hour watching. hahaha so whats the chances???
  12. Flexi 8.6

  13. How do you protect your money?

    I don't believe I've ever seen a bank like that one..... I will assume he's hugging a rocket ship?
  14. Father in hospice

    Thoughts are with you Eric. Edit: Super news to hear of his improvement !!!!
  15. Rant Help Make Our Lives Better: Reform Illustrator's Canvas Size Limit

    Edit......already covered
  16. Birds Nests

    Your thread stirs a couple old memories with me. I guess when your a sign service person, you're always gonna run into and have to deal with pigeons. There was this one job in particular where we were servicing a large plaza. The job was extensive and was not only changing out all the lamps...
  17. Illustrator CMYK /RGB settings (and print)

    I understand when you say to change the color model to RGB, but why save as a TIF or JPG ? The PDF files come out super vivid......as long as they don't get saved as a cymk document))) Isn't the pdf going to be more crisp and clean than a jpg file?
  18. Illustrator CMYK /RGB settings (and print)

    I'm a little confused on color settings in Illustrator. Is there a "default" color mode when exporting or saving a file? First there is the "Dockable" COLOR selector tool where you can choose RGB, CYMK, GRAYSCALE....ect. Then there if the "Document Color Mode" under the "FILE" menu. So...
  19. Blocked.............

    That's quite uncalled for, don't ya think?
  20. Blocked.............

    I always thought you were gino. His dastardly alter ego, so to speak.