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  1. jimdes

    Need Font ID

    You da man. I was having one of those moments and just couldn't get away from my train of thought. Thanks bro.
  2. jimdes

    Boot issues!!!!! Please help!!!!!!

    Classic sign of an old problem: Legacy computers used to do this exact thing when power suplies got older and started to lose their amperage capabilities. Before spending hours banging your head against the wall: 1. Ensure the wall outlet has enough amperage and voltage (not sharing with a...
  3. jimdes

    Need Font ID

    I know I should know this font but the "K" has me drawing a blank . . . literally. Thanks for the help all! If all else fails, it's a good image so I'll be able to trace it.
  4. jimdes

    Font suggestions......

    "Dairyland" from
  5. jimdes

    BIG CITY or small town?

    And none of them know how to drive, lol . . . That 401 is a nightmare at rush hour!
  6. jimdes

    Transfering data from one PC to another?

    BestBuy Geek Squad . . . for when you dig a hole too deep
  7. jimdes

    Vector Frogs... Also check the other cliparts there, lotsa good stuff.
  8. jimdes

    Is Vista my problem?

    Some other things to check 1. Start with your offset something as simple as that would be a nice fix. 2. Check your speed, believe it or not, your cutter can cut TOO fast and when it is, these little openings are a tell-tale sign. 3. If it doesn't happen all the time, check the fonts you're...
  9. jimdes

    Need your imput, please...

    Deja vous . . . this sounds like when I was starting out. We all have to take our knocks and somehow, some of us stick around. Welcome to the jungle.
  10. jimdes

    Michigan Newbie, Help me Support Our Troops!

    1. A JAP CAR? Come on . . . start with something "Made In America" 2. Got no right using the Soldiers Creed on a vehicle he will be driving if he isn't a soldier or vet. 3. Duty, Honor, Respect . . . I just don't think he gets it at all if he isn't willing to enlist. 4. I think he'd...
  11. jimdes

    Hi! We're Fred's Helpers

    Fred, Ya got a little too much time on yer hands? . . . .
  12. jimdes

    Printing Drop Shadows

    I like to use the transparency lens to create shadows. It's old school but it works. Create a copy of the object you want to shadow, place the copy where you want it, put it on the appropriate layer and apply the transparency lens. Try one of the graduated trasnparencies and i think you'll...
  13. jimdes

    How much inventory?

    Sheets not rolls . . . Since changing from production mode to design mode . . . I stock sheets of vinyl. I have about 400 sample sections about one foot long by fifteen inches wide. They cover virtually every color available from 3M, Oracal and Avery. There are various specialty films and some...
  14. jimdes

    Extreme Makeover Submissions - Vote Now

    As I travel around the country, I get an opportunity to see A LOT OF SIGNS! This sampling is just a drop in the bucket . . . imagine seeing this many bad signs every day . . . I'm sure some of you do. Just remember, every one of those is an opportunity for more business . . . and a great...
  15. jimdes

    Corel & CoCut

    Remember Forest Gump's quote "Stupid is as stupid does"? Well you can apply it to ANY software package, so no Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, and no MAB, CoCut is not flawless (although it sure takes 99.99% of the guesswork out of it). CoCut is a pretty decent program and for the money...
  16. jimdes

    Corporate Identity Assignment

    Today's youth have it so hard . . . . remember 9600 baud modems, 8Mb RAM max, DX2-100 micro processors and 8 bit monitors? Man, those were the days! Oh yeah, and we waited 24 hours or better to render a 3-D model . . .
  17. jimdes

    Corporate Identity Contest Entries

    Today's youth have it so hard . . . . remember 9600 baud modems, 8Mb RAM max, DX2-100 micro processors and 8 bit monitors? Man, those were the days! Oh yeah, and we waited 24 hours or better to render a 3-D model . . .
  18. jimdes

    Lot Of Fonts

    Message to your boss: Purchasing a font is much more cost effective and SAFER than dealing with everything you need to do to acquire it otherwise. Downloading fonts from unknown sources exposes you to viruses and harmful programs that allow others to explore your computer for fonts you have...
  19. jimdes

    What type banner material do you use the most?

    I have an old potato bag sewing machine that I picked up in trade that is awesome because it rolls the hem and sews it at the same time. I'm linited to a ladder stitch (which means if the stitch gets broken anywhere it all comes out) but I can repair the stitch for free and dirt cheap. I have...