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  1. ID PLease

    Lato (Black) from Google Web Fonts
  2. Font Identify Please

    Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed
  3. Font type please

    Franklin Gothic Medium Cond
  4. Gerber 4B

    We started with a SignMaker 3 in 1983 which we upgraded to a SignMaker 4 when it became available. The model 4 added autokerning. We later upgraded to a 4B which added outlining.
  5. Font ID Help

    Looks like a member of the Cambria family.
  6. 9/11 . . .20 years later. Have you Forgotten?

    It doesn't feel like it was 20 years ago.
  7. Font ID Help Needed

    Exo (Bold) from Google Web Fonts
  8. Font ID Requested!

  9. Can you decode this logo?

    FWIW ... Nole is an obsolete word meaning "head". It is also used by some as a substitute for "a$$hole".

    LHF Piranha Script
  11. To all Newbies Part 2

    You can click into any thread shown in the Home page thread list if the topic interests you and reply, you can browse any of the past threads by going from forum to forum or you can start a new thread in the forum of your choice by clicking on the New Thread button.

    Flareserif821 Lt BT (Bold)
  13. Font Identify, Please

    Vast Shadow from Google Web Fonts
  14. Font ID

    Cambria (Bold)
  15. it is not all about dpi

    I'll be happy to do an enlargement or two using the AI enlargement software I have. Just email the image to the address in my signature along the pixel dimensions you would like.
  16. Font ID help please...

    Arrus Blk BT (Black) which has been condensed.
  17. Font help

    Pirata One from Google Web Fonts
  18. Similar to City Bold

    Kelly Slab (Regular) from Google Web Fonts
  19. Please help identify this font

    ITC Compacta Std (Bold)
  20. News Lectra completes the acquisition of Gerber Technology

    Press Release