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  1. Recycle left over clear wrapping film

    I think Ken is looking for the release liner off of say 3M 8518.
  2. Question glass chipping issues - glue doesn't want to chip

    Only thing I can think of was maybe the etching wasn't cleaned off good and didn't allow to glue to grip it good. Just a guess. Been a few years since I've heard the popping glass chips.
  3. Question Help me pick a Mimaki rinter

    We like our JV100-160. Had it since they came out. A little quirky with the whole weighing the ink thing, but overall very happy. I have posted about it on here before. Here is the link. https://www.signs101.com/threads/new-jv100-160.165055/post-1541220
  4. Tritium sign disposal

    Thanks for all the replies. These little signs are pricey, they need the 20 year ones.
  5. Tritium sign disposal

    Has anyone here delt with doing a Tritium sign disposal? Was it worth it, or too much red tape? I have a customer that need 20 or so signs removed and replaced.
  6. Wrapping an elevator interior - need some advice

    We used this product on an Army base for a couple of elevators. They had it approved with the elevator maintenance company before we did the job. https://idsfinishes.com/applications/elevators/
  7. MDO Panels - Primed vs Painted?

    Easier to just buy RTG MDO. It has a nice painted finish for the vinyl to stick to. https://harborsales.net/Home/ProductList.aspx?ProductTypeId=173
  8. Text problem(s) in Signlab 10

    Double click your text. Then in the middle of the screen at the top there are 4 boxes that say Menu, Line, Character and Frame. I know if you click any of these it puts a red line around the text. Unclick and it goes back to blue. Don't know if that helps, maybe post a screen shot.
  9. PVC suppliers

    I'm not a fan of Palight either. We cut Komacel for outdoor signs here. I like the finish on it and it routes really good. We buy it from Harbor sales here.
  10. Need help with an old install of Flexi 8.1 and a Graphtec FC4-100

    Don't know if it will help, but check the HPGL or GPGL setting on the plotter.
  11. Who wants to help.................................................................

    I have a few years old AMD setup at home with a X570 board that enjoy. The cpu you listed I think will run on the X670 board. Haven't looked in a bit, but I bet you could find one in the mid 200 dollar range.
  12. Recommendations for lettering an awning?

    We cut a lot of Fabtac for a local awning shop. It's a fabric stencil material. Don't know if this is what you need, but yo can check out fabtac.com
  13. Best GOLD paint for carved signs ?

    When not using 23k leaf, I like Ronan rich gold. Here is a pic of something I painted recently with rich gold. Now it does take several coats to get a good look and holds up much better than 1 shot Met. gold.
  14. Harbor Sales Day

    It's a 4 hour 1 way trip for me(Yorktown). I would like to go so I can meet Marge.
  15. Harbor Sales Day

    I was wondering if any signs101 members are heading to the Harbor Sales VIP day June 2?
  16. Question Partial wrap pricing question?

    Thanks for the response. Using around 155sqft of vinyl.
  17. Question Partial wrap pricing question?

    We don't do many vehicle wraps, but have done a few. Just seeing if I'm in the ballpark for pricing a new F150 4 door STX. This will be 2 sides(from the windows down) and the tailgate only. I'm thinking $2200 range or am I way off? Thanks
  18. JRS Extrusion

    We buy from Johnson Plastics as well. The last order I needed at the end of last year, Johnson was out of the item and they told me to go to JRS since that's where they get that item from. Hope that's not a bad sign.
  19. Looking for a fine art matte and photo semigloss paper for artist reproductions with our s80600.

    We use Sihl 3357 with pretty good results. Most of the time the prints are for short term use.
  20. Belbien or Dinoc alternative in Canada

    I've used LG architectural film before and it's pretty good. It's called LX Hausys BENIF now. Quick search looks like they may have some dealers in Canada.