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  1. Flexi and open type fonts

    As stated by a few in the other post It is update: KB2753842 i removed this update and all is back to normal...thanks :goodpost: Also before i knew about the update i used a online font converter to turn open type to true type and it also worked.
  2. Flexi and open type fonts

    Thank you Fred :U Rock:
  3. Flexi and open type fonts

    seems they stopped working in my flexi 8.6v2sp1 ...cant figure out what the issue is...i can type it out but it wont show up on any open type font...i know they worked before.....anyone have a clue ? TT fonts are working perfect.:frustrated:
  4. FC7000/130mk2 main board

    BUMP.....still waiting on Graphtec support to call.... :frustrated:
  5. FC7000/130mk2 main board

    had a worker trip over the usb cord and it broke the USB header off the main board..tried to solder a new one in and im getting nothing.. anyone know what a new main board runs from graphtec...:frustrated:
  6. Looking for a font ID please...

    Thank You very much!!!!:U Rock:
  7. Looking for a font ID please...

    Not sure what this is and what the font couldnt Id it...much thanks :toasting:
  8. Need a ID

    then what is it if i may ask,,,,,Braddon is the closest
  9. Need a ID

    yep Braddon with the a modified ....thanks all
  10. Need a ID

    Nope not SignPainter - House Brush...the M and As dont match ..but thanks :)
  11. Need a ID

    Ive seen this many times but cant place it....any help would be grateful :thumb:
  12. HELP LOL Head issues

    thanks for your help Randy....guess i better break out the meter reader LOL.
  13. HELP LOL Head issues

    ThanksTSG....i may be Pming you to send out a few jobs....if i dont get this going soon.
  14. HELP LOL Head issues

    Randy from what i see on the main board is a lil white ceramic fuse about 1/16 x 1/16 square and it is on top soldered to the board...this machine is from 2006....so i dont think it will have the newer fuse setup am i correct...if what im looking at is the fuse it dont look blown. no dis...
  15. HELP LOL Head issues

    Mutoh 1204.....would a head just stop printing all together when the life span runs out? i know im due for a new head but..... the issues im having is i had a EO74rr CR2 Current error alarm at the end of a print....so i shut it down and unplugged it for a wile....when i fired it back up and went...
  16. Best price........

    Whos got the best price on a OEM 1204 solvent print head (Epson DX5 Solvent) not looking to buy from Japan......:doh:
  17. whats a customer list worth.....?

    this business is making money..but the old lady dont want to drive a hour to take care of it anymore...having 3 tan shops...a sign shop..and soon to be screen shop..its just way to much.
  18. whats a customer list worth.....?

    is not all about the tanning bed per say.....we also do spray tanning and hold the license ...not another shop within 50 miles can do the same spray systems that we do. and the list is pretty much current ...we have weeded out customers that have not been with us within 2 years...the guy owns a...
  19. whats a customer list worth.....?

    we are closing one of our Tan Salons..i have everything sold......i had another salon ask how much i wanted for my customer list...we have over 5000 customers in my data base....what would be a good figure to ask...i was thinking a buck per client. is that to much or to cheap LOL:thankyou:
  20. E074Err CR2 WT_????? Mutoh help please

    I was getting this error today .....i cleaned what i could and it still gave this error...i had to take the top off the printer and and really clean the hell out of it....so far so good...also the print looks 100% better....LOL go figure...man i need to stay on top of that more.......BAD...