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  1. Full Time Installer Needed

    Location: Jarrell, TX Send resumes to: josh@thewrapgenius.com Key Responsibilities: Vehicle Wrapping: Skillfully apply vinyl graphics and wraps to various types of commercial vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and trailers, using precision and attention to detail. Surface Preparation...
  2. Fonts

    Yeah I can't find a match for it either :(
  3. Vertical Banding SureColor S40600

    I'm getting some pretty major banding whenever I print, not sure why. Any ideas? Seems to affect lighter colors.
  4. Fonts

    Does anyone how what these fonts are (especially the top one)?
  5. Retro Design

    I'm trying to recreate a design similar to this. Where do I start? What would this style be called?
  6. Dark Prints

    Is there a way to lay down less ink and get the same color?
  7. Dark Prints

    Anyone have any tips for printing dark colors on Epson S40600 without vinyl getting too gummy?
  8. Luster to Matte

    Sooo.. I laminated something in 3m Luster (I couldn't get 3m Matte in time) but I wanted to get more of a matte finish on the vehicle wrap. Would doing a matte ceramic coat change the finish to have less of a shine on it?
  9. Epson Surecolor s40600 | Replacement Shield

    Anyone know where to get a replacement plexiglass shield for an Epson Surecolor s40600?
  10. Avery Diamond Red

    Anyone know a seller that has Avery Diamond Red in stock?
  11. Vector Art

    Do you know where you purchased it?
  12. Vector Art

    Yeah I tried that and nothing came up
  13. Vector Art

    Anyone know where I can find a vector version of this skull?
  14. Freelance Installer (Austin TX)

    Looking for any contract/freelance installers in the Austin, TX area. Anyone know any?
  15. Need Help Epson UltraChrome

    Yeah I can't find anything anywhere :(
  16. Need Help Epson UltraChrome

    Anyone know a supplier that has Epson UltraChrome GS3 Inks in stock? I need some magenta but everywhere is out
  17. TX Vehicle Installer Near Austin Texas

    I'm looking for an experienced installer in the Austin area that can do commercial vehicle wraps. If you're interested, please email josh@theprintshopgtx.com
  18. Need Help Freelance Installers Austin

    Just want to boost this post
  19. Septic Tank Wrap

    Anyone ever wrap something similar to this and if so, how difficult was it? I've done plenty of vehicle wraps but have never done a tank
  20. Need Help Freelance Installers Austin

    Any experienced wrap installers in Austin, TX looking for some work?