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  1. Question Is my 360 a lemon, and should I buy another HP?

    Latex 500 series are great machines. If you are looking for bulk, stick with 570. No printer has it all, they all have cons and pros. I have a customer who complains about eprson surecolor. She has to bring in tech almost every week.
  2. Need Help HP LATEX 560 ERROR CODE?

    This error has nothing got to do with maintenance cartridge. Wiper roller is part of media load/advance assembly.
  3. Discussion Roland Legacy printers questions

    Depending on firmware version and DIP switch setting, it is compatible with VS, LEF, RT, SG, RF, RE series.
  4. Discussion Roland Legacy printers questions

    While it is true that Roland discontinued certain parts for certain models, as long as main board concerned it is hard to believe because main boards usually compatible with different model lines besides SP.
  5. Curing Power Regulator

    Where are you located?
  6. Need Help HELP!!! Roland SOLJET PROII SJ745EX - Louder sound on printing

    With bearing impossible for the carriage to move. It would throw motor error right away. It is the sound of failing servo motor coil.
  7. Discussion New HP Latex 570

    No tech in the world will drain his valuable time to create profiles for a customer. He will rather train how to properly create them.
  8. Random Printing on HP 360

    Check printhead flex cables.
  9. Unexpected end of job error

    Antivirus also might block outgoing data, even the local data.
  10. Next gen latex.

    wait for what? How do you know HP even plans to upgrade Latex? :-) Living in the world of guessing is like waiting for a messia.
  11. Next gen latex.

    560/570 would satisfy 99% of any shop’s need so I would not naively follow rumors and blindly wait for possible Latex remodification. Just list the number of requirements of what you expect from the printer and if current available series answers your question then I would buy it. I would say...
  12. Need Help L28500 Not Powering On

    Read here https://printmechanic.blogspot.com/2019/10/hp-latex-300-series-understanding.html?m=1
  13. HP 560 Update won't download

    there is a USB port trust me. Look carefully.
  14. Need Help Latex 310 Error 16.41:10

    2 fans serving one curing heater. 54” printer has 3 heaters, 64” has 4 curing modules.
  15. Need Help Latex 310 Error 16.41:10

    Those are air curtain fans to prevent condensation and to protect operator in front of the printer. 2 fans for 1 heater inside the curing module.
  16. Need Help Latex 310 Error 16.41:10

    if the article was useful please give back your kind review or commend under. It would help other peoples to benefit from an article too. Thanks in advance.
  17. Need Help Latex 310 Error 16.41:10

    Please read this. https://printmechanic.blogspot.com/2019/10/troubleshooting-hp-latex-curing-module.html?m=1
  18. HP 560 Update won't download

    Printers produced before july can be upgraded to 007 because they come with 005 version but printers made after july come preinstalled latest version. The only logical reason why they did not upload for mass download is because 008 is being still tested on newer printers. PrintOS constantly...
  19. HP 560 Update won't download

    560/570 comes with latest firmware preinstalled STORM_00_08_00.8 that is why it doesn’t allow you to upgrade because in printer’s logic you are downgrading.