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  1. concerned about solid black banners needing to gas out before mounting in banner stand Epson s80600L

    My experience with epson (s40) is that inks are very soft the first day or two. Given enough time to dry (on banner, rollup material, or poster paper) it dries well and is safer to handle. When 'fresh', we treat it very gingerly.
  2. Solvent smell on Epson S80600L's

    What air scrubber do you use please?
  3. Backlit Vinyl Bubbling After 3 Years

    Hi AGinVT, Vancouver, BC. Wet climate sure... but I have done a fair amount of translucent on polycarb and acrylic, never seen it on my signs. But I have read the threads on signs101 about "outgassing" (both for sheets and for inks in vinyls) and it can start a very interesting discussion...
  4. Backlit Vinyl Bubbling After 3 Years

    I have seen this locally, never knew what it was. I have asked around a bit, noone could give me an answer.
  5. S80600 Bandning

    This looks like you did the media adjust without the takeup, then things get warm and you put the takeup, and get this type of banding. Nozzle banding or ink starvation banding looks a bit different. Just my experience.
  6. S80600 Bandning

    Are you doing the media adjust with the takeup attached?
  7. S80600 Bandning

    to me that looks like a "media adjust" would fix that up right away.
  8. Canon Colorado 1650 FEEDBACK

    For the best colour, custom profile is ne But if you want to evaluate the potential of any printer, you have to spend the 20-40 minutes to build a custom profile.
  9. Misting on S40600 and S80600

    If you think it might be static, would you be willing to crank the humidity up in your room by doing this test: spray bottle with water and spray the air in the room. A lot. Sounds like you have it in a printing room, but if you happen to be concrete warehouse floor you can also dump a whole...
  10. Here is a first for me.............................................

    Imagine being so petty, that your weekend will be better for you, because you have some weird feeling of justice because this customer/tenant is "getting what they deserved".
  11. Lord Adhesive failure, any advice?

    I have only used signlok 810. Never seen it have a problem with bare aluminum. Even dirty, uncleaned aluminum, it's rock solid. Would like to hear what LORD would say about the failure.
  12. Lord Adhesive failure, any advice?

    JBurton and Notarealsignguy... When talking about these epoxies and aluminum: what are you basing your decision to leave some paint on? Experience, or did you read that somewhere? We do know that these adhesives hold damn good on bare aluminum though.
  13. Lord Adhesive failure, any advice?

    Why not take it down to bare aluminum?
  14. Lord Adhesive failure, any advice?

    Make sure you email Lord and get their comment on this too.
  15. Question Profile for Epson 80600

    It is? I wouldn't call it rippin fast at 8pass or higher.... depends what you call fast. And the OP is talking about billboard... very tight margins on stuff like that.
  16. Question Profile for Epson 80600

    speed is the benefit
  17. Upgrading from VG-540 to s80600

    Looking forward to the video.
  18. Upgrading from VG-540 to s80600

    Wow, so under warranty it was great. Then you got a fatal error code. The 3rd party company that you were referred to.... did they do the necessary repairs, and if so, how much did it cost and what did they do to get your S80 up and running again?
  19. 3M IJ180 Controltac alternative?

    Read the specs yourself - it's all freely available online.
  20. Toner base printing for outdoor

    In my experience, toner has horrible uv resistance and fades very quick.