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  1. Sp300i printhead replacement

    Tim, I need to change my MG YE print head and want to do it myself. Is there anything I should know about the software settings afterwards? I can replace the physical head myself, and watched the techs do it several times, but after the phiysical install then Im a gonner.
  2. Where can I buy ROLAND eco-sol max ink cartridges?

    Where can I buy ROLAND eco-sol max ink cartridges? I am trapped into buying from one local dealer and want more options. Price is not an issue, so I'm not looking for any special deals just looking for other buying options.
  3. Cyan ink won't print

    would ink come out at the air leak?
  4. Captop Adjust SP series ...and how often to change?

    Thank you, Yes sir I only use original parts and ink on it.
  5. Price check on sign

    need an adding machine? Hehehee!
  6. Captop Adjust SP series ...and how often to change?

    I have instructions from the factory book. To adjust captops it says to bump it up til the rubber meets the head. But, when you push the finish button, it goes up to a predetermined amount anyway. I was told by a tech yesterday that the adjustment does not have to touch the captop to the head...
  7. anyone remember the Gerber 4b

    In 2022 I still use my 4b about every day. I also have all the new equipment, but nothing beats this work horse! My brother has one of the first ones, The serial number is only 3 digits.
  8. Transparency Gradient

    wow, he mumbles thru it half the time and I cant understand him.
  9. Oracal 3164 with 290 lam?

    I am not trying to use cheap vinyl by no means. With that being said...I find that I mostly do end up using 3164 for small decals because it works great. Question is...Does anyone know, If I use 290 laminate on the 3164, Will it make my decals last many more years?
  10. Question DIY Textured Wall Tools???

    I GOT IT!! the foam wheels for remote control planes! Its perfect! ..i happen to have a buncha RC models. :)
  11. Question DIY Textured Wall Tools???

    I am going to get one of them brayers, Thanks!
  12. Looking for clogged DX4 Solvent Print Heads...

    dang, i threw mine out last year...I saved empty ink cartridges for 10 years and couldnt get rid of them so I threw everything away.
  13. Need Help Versacamm head strike?

    Hello, This showed up this morning. I don't remember any head strikes! But, Is this repairable or get a new head?
  14. I need to design logo, company name: spark global limited, but I can't

    More cow bell, I've got to have more cow bell!
  15. Need Help LED electronic display has no ID or brand name!

    Customer has an existing full color LED message display that has no branding. I cannot repair it without contacting the company to replace parts. The only thing different about this compared to other machines I worked on is that it has a bunch of KEY LOCKS across the bottom that lock in the...
  16. Exterior Backlit Signs

    Sell them all new LED lighting for top & bottom so everything will coordinate. And possibly have to replace that bottom plastic with SG10 modified acrylic because that plastic may be the problem.
  17. Empty Eco Sol Max2 cartridges. Anyone saving them?

    I will save em for you. I have about 12 assorted saved so far. post an address wen your ready. ROLAND eco-sol max 220's
  18. Question Customer refuses to pay, can I take his graphics down?

    All of this being said, The story was true. I was allowed to get the signs that were outside. It was awesome! ......I have told a couple people that I was coming to get the "money or the sign" and they always pay me. They don't own my sign until they pay for it. I have taken a trucking co. to...