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  1. Relay For Life team logo

    Perfect!!! That is almost exactly what I had envisioned.
  2. Relay For Life team logo

    Need some help. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 I decided that I needed to make a career change so I took a job with the American Cancer Society. I sold off all my sign supplies and software. My daughter and her 11 year old friends have formed a Relay For Life team and have set a...
  3. Tattoo Idea

    Cancer Tattoo Idea Tuesday I found out that I have bladder cancer. The Dr. got it all out after surgery and I will now start imunotherapy to help my body fight the remaining cancer. I want to get a tattoo to show I am fighting and winning this battle. The bladder cancer ribbon is the...
  4. Printing job

    Our university (Eastern Illinois University) is looking to have 1000 3"x7" decals printed. These are going to be placed on doors around campus to designate a safe place for members of the GLBTQA community. I need a quote on these to turn into the VP for the budget. We will supply the...
  5. Hello Everybody!!

    Welcome from Charleston, IL
  6. Beating my head against the wall!!!!

    Ok. I have a problem. I am trying to cut a simple name with a contour background. The foreground cuts fine but the background compresses 2 letters into 1. It has done this 2 times and I don't really want to have to waste more vinyl. On the screen everything looks normal. Has anyone else...
  7. Some decals

    Let me get this straight... You come onto a professional signmaker group and ask where to get copywrited material. When you are told that it is illegal you try to justify you request by saying that someone is doing it and that it sucks that you can't do it too.... This has to be some kind...
  8. Print onto Chocolate??

    Could you print on chocolate with caramel or marshmello? Now I would buy some of those business cards. Probably would not give many away but they would disappear.
  9. Newbie Flexi question

    Are you running flexi starter? If so you can select the item and hit ctrl-u to ungroup. Then you can separate the colors. Hope that helps Brad
  10. Newbie Flexi question

    In the production manager go to advanced tab. Uncheck the "send all colors" button. That should do it. Brad
  11. Master 300p Problem....help!

    Where, in my post, did you get the idea that their tech support was anything but great. The only reason that I had to e-mail them more then once was MY inability to accuratly describe the problem. NOT THEIR FAULT. Brad
  12. Master 300p Problem....help!

    I have not had any trouble getting support for my Master. I send an e-mail and within 30 minutes I have the answer. 99% of the time it solves it. If not I send another e-mail and they get the right information and solve the problem. Maybe I should explain again how I got into this...
  13. Master 300p Problem....help!

    I am soooo sorry oh great one that my cutter "hacks away". I know, you big time sign shop owners must have had a $$$$$$$$$$ to start with. I think that some out there FORGET what it was like to start out. I takes a log of money. Some of us just didn't have the startup money that is...
  14. Master 300p Problem....help!

    I solved the problem by setting it to cut only 9-10 inches at a time. You do it in production manager. Click panels and then set the vertical panes to what ever number gives you 9-10". IF I get stupid and forget my 300P will do it again. Hope this helps. The Master 300P is not the best...
  15. copywrite question

    That is what I thought too. I also think that they (Disney, NFL...) would have a hard time in court if they tried to fight this one. I mean, really, do they think you would buy the material and just look at it? Of course you are going to make things out of it, that is what it is made for. Brad
  16. copywrite question

    There has been a lot of discussion on this group about copywrited material and I got me thinking. The other day my wife took (drug)me to a fabric store. They had every disney character, NCAA team (except ND which they were out of) NFL, NBA MLB..... Here is my question. If we purchase this...
  17. Microsoft Expression

    What can it do that X3 cannot? I just got X3 so I really don't know the answer to it. I am still learning what all it can do. Brad
  18. Puzzle Piece

    I know I will, just makes me upset that I threw out the box of it last month before I had these ideas. (kids room and car.) Now I have to get more business in a variety of colors. Most of them lately what black and blue for some reason. Brad Since I have to get this car done by...
  19. Puzzle Piece

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. I just hope that I have enough scraps to cover the entire car. Thanks again Brad
  20. Puzzle Piece

    I came up with an idea of what to do with scrap vinyl. I am going to cover one of my son's race cars with scraps. What my wife would like to do is cut the scraps into puzzle pieces and apply at random. (like someone spilled a puzzle box on the car) I have looked all over and cannot find a...