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  1. Is anyone selling Flexi Pro 7.6v2 ??

    Hi...just wondering if anyone is selling a legal copy of Flexi Pro 7.6v2 w cd's, manual & dongle? -Give a price? Thanks for your time.
  2. flexi and eye candy 5

    Hey..... i figured it out. all i did is press every freakin' icon possible. and it's working now. so i'll be playing with this baby all night long! thanks again for your help.:thankyou:
  3. flexi and eye candy 5

    SAS when you down load the programs, where do you put it? in the flexi folder?
  4. flexi and eye candy 5

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone out there has installed Eye Candy 5 Impact, using Flexi 7.6v2. Does this work? and can you please explain how to use it as plugins/filters? :help: thanks for the help
  5. Graphtec 7000-75 ???

    Thanks Neil and everyone else. you guys are so much better then calling tech support. :thankyou: Did what said, (Line type was set at 7), now it's OFF. Did a quick test.....perfect! thanks again,
  6. Graphtec 7000-75 ???

    good afternoon or evening for some people.... Hey Guys. I own a new Graphtec 7000-75 / latest firmware 1.6. -the technician installed and tested the unit. everything was ok -days later i went to plot a job. in this is what i'm getting. (it's inpossible to weed. every 1/4" i have tiny...