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  1. Help Identifying

    I don't know if this is a font or not, but it seems like I have seen a font close to this in the past but can't remember its name.
  2. Cut and Paste help Flexi 7.5

    Hello all, I've been trying to cut and paste a couple of Adobe Illustrator (.ai) clipart into a design for a t shirt back I'm working on. When I go to cut usualy just the first graphic that I cut and pasted will show up on the plot screen. I think I'm asking how do you combine everything...
  3. Help Cutting Small Letters Flexi 7.5

    Thanks Guys, I played around with the offset and that works exceptional. Thanks Again Mike
  4. Help Cutting Small Letters Flexi 7.5

    Hello All, I'm new to Flexi and usually cut large letter for banners with no problems but have been asked to cut some 5" x 5" decals with the lettering being .75" and smaller. The problem I'm having is with True Type Fonts it seems the start point and end point is leaving to much material...