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  1. Font ID

    Any ideas?
  2. Vinyl Master Pro

    You might also try CiberCut Max. It is a very good program for just under $500.00. Click HERE.
  3. Cutting With Coreldraw?

    You can use the new plug-in from Graphtec to cut from X3 to the FC7000. You must download it from their ftp site. To get the site and password just give them a call.
  4. Cross Cutting with FC-7000

    As far as I know, the only other way to do a cross cut on the FC7000 is to use the software controller that you installed on your computer.
  5. Brain freeze

    I can't take credit. Go HERE.
  6. Brain freeze

  7. FC7000-75 Mark Scan Error

    bob, what does the "separate weld" command do in Flexi. I searched the help files but could not find an explanation. The best I could figure out is that it lets you edit the nodes.
  8. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    If you export as a plt file artcut will import it.
  9. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the com port from the device manager. just right-click on "com1" and select "uninstall." after it has been removed select "action" then "scan for hardware changes." can you cut from artcut?
  10. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    Did that fix the problem?
  11. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    For WinXP: press and hold the "windows" key on your keyboard (just to the left of your spacebar, it will have a window icon on it) and then press the "Pause - Break" key (above your "home" and "end" keys). This will bring up your "System Properties." Select the "hardware" tab and then click on...
  12. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    Have you tried going into device manager on your computer to see what the flow control is set to?
  13. ct630 setup question for Flexi 7.1

    You might want to try updating to Flexi 7.6v2. I believe it has a driver built in that should work. You can also try downloading the driver from http://www.signsupplystore.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=185&idproduct=12483