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  1. New Corel User

    I used to make my own desings, in Corel and send them to a guy that had a cutter. He told me to Make my design. Ctrl A. which picks everything and then Ctrl Q which will convert the project to curves. Ctrl A again and copy. Open Flexi and paste. vwallllahhh. A cuttable project. Hope that...
  2. Hello everyone

    Welcome from Lufkin, TX
  3. Hello

    Welcome from East Texas
  4. Hey from East Texas!

    Hello from Lufkin
  5. Hi from Texas

    Good to see another Texan. Greeting, Salutations and Howdy.
  6. Corel Draw 9, Win XP, CX-24 wont do weed box

    what program are you using to cut with? I might have seenit but forgot.
  7. What is this font?

    Could someone please tell me what the font is for the number that is missing? I don't seem to have it, and this lady wants me to make one letter to match. Errrrrrrrrrggggggg.
  8. Hi yall, from Ky

    Welcome maxxgraphix from East Texas.
  9. Who Are You?

    More than just signs Family Business, my parents started a small business 28 years ago. Wood working/crafts. From there, many things have changed and we do many, many things at our store/shop. I hope this isn't too long. We do and have done. Woodworking, small to medium, cutting little things...
  10. How to crop letters out of a picture? so to speak...

    Never would have even crossed my mind to do that vid, thanks for the tip. I now too love this little powerclip button..
  11. Blackberry Jam

    Enjoy the Boards and Welcom from Texas.
  12. OK, what fonts are a must have

    The easy too weed fonts only. Believe me, if you stick to the signage with vinyl:thumb:, the ones that have all the cute (little) thing are a biiii to weed, and it seems the only people that care about the font want them small.... JMO. R......
  13. Carpet installer

    Jimmy, I had to redo a shirt graphic for a sign once, and I took a really good picture of it, cleaned it up and it turned out rather well. Scanning it and retracing by hand might be an option also. Hope this helps. Raniece
  14. tutorial for chiseled stone effect

    That tutorial is great. Thanks. Raniece
  15. Digital Artwork Gallery Organizational Preference?

    Yes Subject would be my choice. Raniece
  16. Iceland Calling

    Welcome from Texas! Hope you can get a few pointers here. I bet ya can.
  17. Owner /Employee

    owner is my Mom, but she can't make signs, LOL.. Great boss though.
  18. flag clipart

    I love your reply Fred. LOL
  19. Intro

    Welcome from TX
  20. pdf creator

    Much Better Much better even with the little pop ups. I can create pages upon pages of pictures in pdf. LOVE IT. thank you graphiXtreme..... Everyone else just forget about the one I commented on and go with this software995 if you need it. Great program. :cool1: