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  1. arched font in this sign

    Construction font looks too feminine..... I always use a fat strong font..... Does the customer want this to resemble a fireman emblem????
  2. What the font?????

    Thank you for your time Fred! :thankyou: :thumb:
  3. What the font?????

    Can I mail this to someone???? I'm pressed for time!!! Thanks again!
  4. What the font?????

    Wheres my attachment????? :help:
  5. What the font?????

    Can someone refresh my memory as to what font this is??? I'm drawing a blank!! Thank you in advance:help:
  6. New sign co. owner

    New career..... After 15+ years as a graphic designer and all around sign guy, I've decided to put that all behind me and embark in the field of plastic surgery. I plan on hanging a shingle, that I will craft of course, next Monday to start the week off fresh. Wish me luck!!!!!!! :peace!: