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  1. Roland Stika-15 wont cut deep enough

    Are you using the test piece that came with the machine? If you are try another piece. I bought a 12" years ago (which is how I got started in the business) and I couldn't get it to cut the sample but it cut all the way thru good vinyl that I purchased. There is no downforce setting on my...
  2. new to it all

    Have a lot of patience and practice. It's not a bad as it is made out to be. What machine and what program are you using? You will find a lot of valuable information on this site and everyone here will give you sound advise and tips to help you get started. Welcome aboard and look forward to...
  3. LXI Master Pro Plus Fonts

    I realized this post is old but..........the fonts in my LXI 7.5v5 loaded into the the windows font file....I can use them in any program and yes they still load when I start my program but it doesn't take but a couple of seconds for ALL of them to load and I have a lot of fonts!!!!!
  4. question for Nelson?

    Somebody needs to get a grip in here? I just haven't figured out who it is yet! This was an interesting thread to read at 3 a.m. I think I'm going to bed on that one!!
  5. anyone recognize this font?

    Mr Allen, I agree.....just someone looking for the easy way out! Just my 3 cents!
  6. New Member On Board

    Mike Paul, I am a full time Paramedic with the County EMS service! Looking to one day do this full time but right now trying to put money back for my girls college education. My oldest only has 2 yrs before she is off to college....then I will have a few years before the youngest goes! You...
  7. New Member On Board

    I have been in business for 3 years now....go into this "mess" by accident. Bought the 12" Stika to do the lettering and such on my husband's and my daughter's gokarts. Word got out I could do gokart lettering then it went to simple signage and then to store fronts. Within a month of buying the...