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  1. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    Where did you get it from????!!!!
  2. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    offer is expired:( dammit.
  3. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    that price is in canadian. sorry about the mix up... what do you think now? sounds like the machine was a trade back like the guy bought and traded up to a 540. so im saving probly 2.5G off the price... but its a 300 not a 300V. is there is any parts differences?
  4. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    hey guy im looking at getting a versacamm SP 300 the sales guy has a used 300 version for 14000 can and he has new SP 300V for 16500 so my question is whats the difference and from your experince is it even worth buying a used one?
  5. suggestions on a cutter

    thanks for the tips, also im not worry im not looking into the sign market. Perhapes that maybe avenue later on. I've personally been doing design work for 8 years and would like to move towards the printing side of things. As for cutters i was interested in the GRAPHTECH 3000 and a 7000 is...
  6. suggestions on a cutter

    thanks for the tips and advice, im now set on a cutter. im covince i can bulid a business on cutting alone. problem now is which cuttercan you guys suggest? ive been eyeing the roland GX-24 or CX-24. Is there really any big difference between the older and newer version. ? another question i...