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  1. grommet machine

    You usually put grommets in material because it is to weak to handle the pressure in one point so it spreads it out evenly (or close to it) and keeps it from ripping. If you had 1/4 material it would be to heavy to hang without some kind of frame. If it is coroplast or something of that nature...
  2. Installing or Anchoring into Blacktop

    A good way is to go to your local rental place that rents big tents they usually have the spikes and equipment to help you out. If they rent the big tents they know how and what you will need.
  3. Question about the new Google Phone

    From what I have read Nexus won't work on Verizon or AT&T. "The Nexus One device is unlocked and will recognize SIM cards from any mobile service provider using the GSM standard. The Nexus One's antenna supports four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900) and three 3G/UMTS Bands - 1/4/8...
  4. Virtual PC and XP Mode ?

    ok so what are you trying to do? Trying to run programs in windows 7 that don't work?
  5. Virtual PC and XP Mode ?

    That is my corel draw installed on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. I should amend what I said it's not that you don't need xp mode its that you can set the .exe to start in that mode always.
  6. Virtual PC and XP Mode ?

    You don't need XP mode you can choose which OS to run it in. It will be default run it in a virtual environment. But once you set it up you should just have to start it normally after that.
  7. Virtual PC and XP Mode ?

    Once you install the program that won't work right just right click the programs exe and click the compatibilty tab and choose what mode to start it up in. You don't have to run anything but the program then. It will always start in that mode...
  8. What is Signlab 8 Print & Cut Worth- Selling 2 of mine

    I found a copy for $1000 on craigslist?
  9. hello

    ~Ola` from the Great White North!:Welcome:
  10. What is the best software to use with the Graphtec FC3100-60

    It would depend on what you are comfortable using. I started on SignLab and then learned Corel Draw, Illistrator and Photoshop. I would have to say if you just want to design and cut then SignLab or Flexi will work great. As far as computers go I would recommend PC buts that's my personal...
  11. Profiling...Been At this for a year, no luck

    I agree...everyone is trying to help! I think buying more software may not help your situation either. Why would you need to purchase multiple copies of SignLab? Could you sell them and buy a better RIP? You have to learn more about the software that you have now. If it is just a hobby then...
  12. Profiling...Been At this for a year, no luck

    Geez kinda harsh aren't you? So you did everthing in life like a pro never having questions? or problems? Why don't we all just turn over a new leaf in the new year and be positive. Give positive feedback. dayusmc in my experience when I started printing I used Oynx and it worked the best...
  13. Font ID

    Yep that's what I got too.....anyone else have an idea?
  14. Font ID

    Could someone please id this font thanks.
  15. font ID request

    Font Id Please :U Rock:
  16. Fine Cut 5

    Is there anyone here who uses it? Will I for sure have to buy Fine Cut 7 or is there a Fine Cut 5 that I can download?
  17. Fine Cut 5

    Hello I am trying to install Fine Cut 5 in Corel Draw and it won't recognize Corel Draw X3. My system is Windows 7 64 bit if that matters. I did download and install Fine Cut 7 but that is not what came with the cutter (CG-75FX). Thanks for any help!
  18. New Logo Critique please

    Maybe since your an electriction you could use a play on words there? Like the name: Power Signs you could incorporate a lightning bolt or cord with a plug? Just a thought......combine your name with your profession. I came up with mine as I like to see designs that flow together hence Liquid...
  19. Fluorescent Vinyls

    That's why I stopped doin em' They want it to look like a show car for nuttin'
  20. Fire Away

    The Vixens gets a little lost with the other graphics and the font. Could you maybe try a yellow glo? Dunno it looks pretty dang good tho.